Lesson: online sales marketing

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Lesson Objective

basics of marketing

Lesson Plan

Online sales marketing can be a rewarding and profitable venture, particularly for small businesses. The key is to learn the basics of marketing online and getting your site noticed by those in your target audience.

Great Internet marketing will have you offering a service or product that people need and want. If you are offering more than what people are buying in their local stores or on the Internet, you will not make any money.

So the first thing you should do is find an Internet marketer that understands what you are trying to sell. It doesn't matter what it is. Once you have a person on your team that you trust and respect, they will help you to create a unique product to promote. They may start with a short sales copy or a product demonstration video.

The next step is web design and development. Many people are hesitant about using an individual designer or web developer to create a site for them. But if you can get some help, the prices will be more affordable. Remember that a good website is one of the best advertising tools available.

Web design and development require someone who knows how to use Flash and HTML. You can take advantage of flash to make your pages interactive and to give your site an additional "oomph". It will add a unique touch that cannot be achieved through a traditional website design.

Your website should also be optimized for search engines. This is called backlinking. Once the engine finds your site's links, it will count them when calculating your page rank.

A good sales letter will also help get you noticed by potential customers. You can use a free template and use it as a guide for your sales letter writing. If you have a product to promote, it is wise to include the benefits of the product in your sales letter.

All of these basic elements are necessary to get your online sales marketing off to a roaring start. Just make sure you have someone on your team that understands what you're doing and who is willing to listen to your ideas and suggestions.

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