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Sales & Marketing, or simply marketing, is the term used to define a series of skills and procedures utilized to boost a company's ability to sell its products and services. The term 'sales & marketing' has its origins in the advertising field and have evolved since then to include a number of other forms of advertising and public relations, as well as other types of promotion. This form of marketing is often employed in combination with other forms of advertising techniques such as advertising on the radio, television, and even the Internet. In fact, the Internet has become one of the most powerful mediums for selling products and services because of the large number of Internet users, and the speed at which information can be exchanged.

Performance Sales & Marketing are often utilized in companies that are new or those that have recently established, as this form of advertising is an inexpensive and effective method of attracting clients, while simultaneously increasing company profitability. Many organizations also utilize the use of this type of advertising, as it allows them to reach a wider audience and attract more buyers, thereby boosting their revenue. This form of marketing has also proven to be highly successful at increasing sales by targeting specific markets.

Sales & Marketing professionals have been known to perform a number of tasks, and they include evaluating, developing, and tracking a company's market performance, as well as developing new methods of marketing, as well as conducting seminars and workshops to educate customers about the company and its products and services. Most sales & marketing professionals will also be responsible for maintaining a client base, which includes communicating with existing clients, as well as establishing new relationships. These professionals are also involved in conducting research on current and potential markets.

Sales & Marketing professionals also provide assistance to managers and business owners who are trying to increase the company's products and services through strategic marketing techniques and advertising. One of the ways in which this professional can help is by analyzing a company's products, and the areas of focus that are currently being used. After this analysis, the sales & marketing professional can devise and develop new strategies that will increase company sales and profits. The sales and marketing professional are also responsible for implementing the strategies that are developed, as well as tracking their effectiveness.

Sales & marketing professionals may also provide additional services to the business owner, including the creation of marketing plans and brochures and flyers. Some of these items may also include marketing letters that can be mailed out to potential customers. Other advertising materials may be created such as letterhead or catalogs that will be distributed to current customers or prospective clients.

Many companies will hire an outside firm, such as an agency, to help promote new businesses or new products that are in the development stage. Such firms specialize in creating marketing materials that focus on the products and services that the company intends to sell.

Some of the marketing firms that work with some of the larger corporations include agencies such as Ketchum, which specializes in marketing for companies that sell their own products and services. Other large businesses that hire these agencies include large retail stores such as Walmart, Gap, Target, and Neiman Marcus.

Some business owners have the option of contracting with different advertising agencies to help them advertise their company's products and services. When an individual or a business hires an outside agency, however, they may have to pay higher costs to do so, as these firms do not normally work on an on-going basis.

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