Lesson: Generation Gap Training

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Lesson Objective

Generation Gap Training

Lesson Plan

*Generation Gap Training is a new program of training that aims at helping the youth, who are either not ready or too immature for the job opportunities offered by the corporate sector. The program offers several methods to identify and differentiate the prospective employees of the corporate sector, from the other employees. It also includes several steps in which the prospective employee can get ready for the corporate sector.

*Generation Gap Training has a very good and well-built website. The site clearly explains the benefits of the program and the importance of the websites for the future of the company. The site provides a lot of information regarding the programs, the services it provides, the cost, the timeline, the eligibility criteria, the training materials and the methodologies used in the training program. Apart from these, the website also provides complete contact information of all the departments involved in the training program.

*Generation Gap Training provides online coaching sessions as well as training modules. The coaching sessions are conducted by experienced and professional trainers. The module is available to all those people who are interested in pursuing the course of study through the online training platform. The modules are easily downloaded and are prepared for the students by the instructors, at the end of the training session. These modules contain the information on the topics that are required to be discussed in the training session.

*Generation Gap Training provides online resume builder and CV templates. These templates make it easier for the students to create their own resume as well as CV's. They can also edit their resumes at any point of time without having to leave the comfort of their homes.

*Generation Gap Training also provides various other features like career planning guide and career planning tools. The curriculum provided in this training is designed in such a manner so that the trainees can have an easy access to all the important knowledge and information related to the career options available in the corporate sector. Moreover, the modules are designed in such a way so that they can be easily followed and understood by the students. The modules are available for people of all levels of education.

*Generation Gap Training has a very active community forum where the trainees, who are looking for help, can connect with each other. for providing answers, suggestions and other relevant information about the training program.

*Generation Gap Training provides an opportunity to interact with the mentor. The mentor helps the trainees with the necessary tips and advices that can be useful for them in their career path. These tips and advice may include the use of Internet, networking, professional networking etc.

{T *Generation Gap Training* *Generation Gap Training also gives an opportunity for the students to interact with each other. The students are able to share their thoughts with the mentors and with other students.

{T *Generation Gap Training* *Generation Gap Training also has an option to buy the course material. by making payments. This option allows the student to study the course material at his/her own pace.

{T *Generation Gap Training* *Generation Gap Training also offers a one-year membership fee. The members can avail the course materials free of cost during the first year. after which, the members are given the opportunity to avail the same materials at a reduced rate.

{T *Generation Gap Training* *Generation Gap Training has a complete website. It can be accessed easily online from any part of the world. During the registration process, the users need not even give any kind of personal information. This website is completely user friendly and it provides the students with all the knowledge and information that is required to know more about the job opportunities in the corporate sector.

{T *Generation Gap Training* *Generation Gap Training is completely independent and it provides online support for its members. If any question arises, the members can contact the mentors. from their registered email id. If any doubts arise in the course material, the members can approach the mentors and seek the help of these mentors for solving the same.

{T *Generation Gap Training* *Generation Gap Training is free of cost. However, if there is any query related to the material or any query in the course material, members are requested to contact the mentors or any person who can guide them through the entire process. in order to get all the relevant details.

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