Lesson: Diversity Training

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Diversity Training

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Diversity Training is any course designed to promote good intergroup communication, decrease prejudice and discrimination, improve work interactions between groups, and generally teach people who are differently from each other how to work effectively together. The term Diversity Training has come to be used in a wider range of situations in which the human resources department of an organization can play a vital role in increasing the diversity of their workforce. As the demand for qualified employees grows, more organizations are requiring diversity programs as a matter of corporate policy.

Diversity Training can be provided through both onsite and offsite training. An in-depth study of a company's demographics will allow the manager to develop a diversity strategy for his or her company. These strategies should involve a mix of approaches. In-house trainings might be sufficient if a small number of employees have been found to be at-risk of diversity issues. However, a successful diversity program requires that employees be tested in a number of different settings to determine whether or not they can handle diversity effectively.

In addition to the demographic research, an organizational manager should also engage in an in-depth examination of his or her own staff as well as that of the field in which they are employed. Once the demographics of an organization and its field are considered, it becomes more possible to identify areas of risk that can be addressed with proper training.

Once the potential hazards in the workplace have been identified, the manager should then decide on the best course of action to address them. There are many diverse training methods which can be used to enhance employee effectiveness. In-house seminars, workshops, and one-on-one discussions can all be effective. However, these are often not enough to address the unique challenges faced by employees in different fields or even across different departments within an organization.

There are organizations which are dedicated to providing the most appropriate and diverse training programs for their employees. These organizations provide diverse training options tailored for all employees. These employees can choose to enroll in one of their diverse courses, or they can choose to enroll in multiple courses depending on their needs. Many of these diverse training programs are based on the particular type of workplace in which they will be held, such as:

{T *Diversity Training* *Employee Development: The Employee Development course will teach all employees about the importance of diversity within an organization and the various types of diversity. such as racial, sexual, religious, and other forms of diversity.

{T *Employee Engagement: This course will give employees the tools to help them create a culture of success that is free of racial or sexual discrimination. *Leadership: In this course, employees will learn how to deal with diverse leadership styles of their superiors, their subordinates, their co-workers, their customers, their sponsors, and their fellow employees and much like they would in a job interview.

{T *Diversity Training* *Resiliency: This course will teach employees how to deal with and overcome obstacles that may arise during their careers. *Performance: This course will instruct employees how to effectively communicate within their workplaces and with those they work with outside of work. *Recruitment: This course will train employees on the skills needed to become successful employees who possess both job satisfaction and employee retention skills.

{T *Diversity Training* The diversity training offered by these organizations does not only address the diverse workforce within their workplace. These organizations also offer diverse training programs geared towards a diverse workforce in other industries. One example of an industry offered course is the Strategic Recruitment Program.

{T *Diversity Training* *The Strategic Recruitment Program will train employees on how to identify and develop the specific type of skills required for their particular job. This program will cover career planning, the recruitment process, the selection process, and job search and career development. *The Strategic Recruitment Program also covers the training and tools necessary for developing effective career goals.

{T *The Strategic Recruitment Program also teaches employees about the recruiting process and what type of job applicants look for when interviewing for specific positions within the organization. This course also provides them the opportunity to network with one another and with the recruiters to improve their chances of getting hired.

{T *Diversity Training* *The Strategic Recruitment Program offers the opportunity for employees to interact with each other in a friendly and positive environment. It also teaches them the strategies and resources necessary for finding a job in their chosen career path.

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