Lesson: Business Ethics Workshop

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Business Ethics Workshop

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The Business Ethics Workshop is a unique text that delves into the issues of business ethics with a philosophical perspective. The book focuses on engagement and reality, not fiction or idealism. The book addresses contemporary case studies and real world problems that impact the way business people engage in their jobs and run their businesses.

In the Workshop, James Brusseau presents many real-life case studies that he has researched and that he believes illustrate the importance of engagement in business. Each case study is followed by a question that Brusseau asks the student about the case. This approach forces the student to think critically about the situation, which helps them to develop more realistic ethical thinking skills.

Brusseau begins each case with an overview of the case's key facts, then develops his student's questions. He provides specific examples to illustrate how the student can use case studies to develop ethical thinking and solve real-world problems.

A case study involves a set of circumstances that are both unique and familiar to the student. However, when Brusseau asks the student how he would have responded to the situation, he draws from the same knowledge base and provides an example to show the student how his ethical decisions might have been different from those of the other individuals or groups involved in the situation.

Brusseau includes case studies that have different implications. For instance, one case study addresses the ethical concerns of small business owners, another focuses on how government policies and regulations influence ethical business practices, while a third examines ethical dilemmas in the workplace.

Themes throughout the book include the importance of having an awareness of the impact that our choices have on others, whether it is a business decision or not. The book also includes a chapter titled "Ethical Issues in the Workplace," which highlights the ethical concerns in the workplace by listing examples of unethical behaviors.

The business ethics workshop offers many other activities that the reader can participate in. This includes interactive exercises, discussions, an information session, a workbook, and many other activities that help the student develop a more comprehensive view of business ethics and how they can affect others in business.

This text is an excellent introduction to case study topics. It encourages students to consider what their choices could mean to others in the business world, which will help them develop their critical thinking skills and develop new ways of thinking.

Brusseau uses the case study format to address specific ethical issues. However, he does provide several examples that help students understand the ethical concerns and consequences of various choices. For example, in the case of a small business, whether or not to hire an employee for a specific project may have a direct impact on the person being employed. However, the business owner may have a different ethical concern when he or she decides to pay someone a fixed salary, regardless of how much time that person contributes to the company.

The case study is interactive, so students are given several options to explore their own questions. If the book has a chapter on ethics in the workplace, then the reader may choose to write in the section.

The text includes a section titled "Why Should I Take a Case Study"? in which the reader is provided three reasons for why they should participate in a case study.

Brusseau also encourages the reader to use the text as a resource and not a substitute for legal advice. He provides extensive research into the different cases covered in the text. The book contains detailed background information about the various cases and helps readers get a full understanding of the ethical issues involved in the different cases.

The business ethics workshop offers a number of tools that help students develop their skills and knowledge. Some of these include the case study questions that are included in the text. Additionally, there are exercises that are part of the case study.

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