Lesson: Workplace Violence Threat Assessment Training

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Lesson Objective

Violence Threat Assessment Training

Lesson Plan

Workplace Violence Threat Assessment (WVT) is a continuous process. Although no one can completely get rid of the risk of workplace violence, management and employees to identify and react to possible threats can greatly reduce the risk of workplace violence occurring. The two main ways that management identifies potential threats are through employee surveys and through the use of a standardized work place violence threat assessment template.

Employee surveys provide managers with valuable information about their employees' behaviors and attitudes towards violence. Survey questions can be used to determine attitudes such as "I would not report a sexual harassment case if it were me," or "my co-worker would never hit me because he considers me a softie," or, "My boss would never threaten me because I love him." The questions on employee surveys help managers determine which behaviors and attitudes are more common among their employees and then instruct management on how to address and manage these behaviors or attitudes. Management should also use the survey results to evaluate the performance of its employees to find out what specific areas need improvement and how to improve them.

One of the easiest methods of determining the likelihood of violent employees is through the use of a standard work place violence threat assessment template. The template is a standard set of questions about employees' attitudes towards violence. It can also include questions about how the manager should deal with certain situations in which employees display violent tendencies, or about the company's policies in dealing with violent employees.

An important part of a violence threat assessment training template is the questionnaire on hostile work environments. This questionnaire contains questions that help managers determine whether a given situation may be a workplace threat situation. It includes questions like:

"The last time that I talked to your employees, I could feel that your employees were mad about something you said. When I asked them if they had a problem with this, most of them stated that they did not have a problem with anything in particular and that you are not listening to their complaints and that they have no problems with anything in your workplace.

"When you did this, your employees felt like they could not do their jobs well. and there were times when they didn't feel like you are listening to them."

"As a result, your employees reported that you don't pay enough attention to their problems. and that this attitude will lead to them hurting themselves and other people."

Violence threat assessment training has become one of the most critical components of any management program in today's workplace. Management should always identify threats to their employees and train their employees to recognize the potential danger. Even small gestures such as reminding employees to be courteous to one another, providing training in communication skills, and having employees sign a document stating that they will not tolerate violence against co-workers is a great way of protecting themselves and their staff.

Every organization has potential workplace violence issues that can cause problems for employees, whether or not it has been identified or not. There are some common elements to any workplace violence threat assessment training program. These are:

Workplace violence threat assessment training should consist of an interactive session that allows employees to discuss their thoughts, feelings, and questions and concerns about the situation in a more intimate setting. It should allow employees to share their stories about how they feel when they have experienced a potentially threatening situation, and what they have done about it. It should also allow them to share their opinions about the management.

After the session, employees can then be shown how to better communicate with one another so that their voices are heard, and their concerns are acknowledged. They can also be shown examples of how they can handle potentially threatening situations. and how they may respond. As you review the program, check to make sure that it includes questions that encourage employee involvement in the process of evaluating and assessing their own behavior.

Violence threat assessment training is a great way for organizations to prevent violent employees from having an effect on their workplaces. It will also enable them to understand how they can manage these behaviors themselves, which can greatly reduce the impact that violent employees have on their coworkers and colleagues. It is also a great way to help them feel safe, secure in their workplaces.

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