Lesson: Workplace Violence Training Course

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Lesson Objective

Workplace Violence Training Course

Lesson Plan

The online workplace violence training course has been around for quite some time now and is gaining increasing popularity. This online workplace violence training course lasts for about forty minutes to completion and offers organizational, human resource management strategies. In this class, participants will learn how to identify and recognize workplace violence, discuss the effects of workplace violent acts and develop a workplace violence prevention plan by discussing the role of employees as bystanders and decision makers.

Among the important components of this training is its focus on identifying and responding to violent acts. The course provides the training tools for this by providing the participants with the knowledge, skills and tools to determine if an employee is a victim or a perpetrator of any type of violent act. Also, students in this training will be taught to respond to these incidents in the most effective and efficient manner possible. This will help them to prevent the occurrences of such acts.

Another key feature of the workplace violence training course focuses on the bystander role. This means that employees are taught how to assist victims and how to help the perpetrators of such acts. This is done by identifying what the victim is doing at the time of such act. Students learn the basic steps of bystander CPR and how to help the victim by performing these actions. Moreover, students will be trained on how to help bystanders by keeping their cool and remaining calm during this difficult moment.

Students learn how to identify the perpetrators in any situation by using various techniques that have been taught in this training. In the workplace, this includes identifying the person who committed the act through proper investigation. This helps the individual get arrested immediately. Through this training, students will also be taught on how to identify the potential perpetrators through the use of different techniques such as interviewing, observation, interviews and questioning.

The next part of this training is on how to deal with perpetrators when they are present. As mentioned above, students learn how to identify the perpetrator through the use of interviews, observations and questioning. They learn on the techniques used by the victims during this phase by being given a chance to interview them. They will learn the basic tactics and the right attitude to maintain during this stage. During this stage, students will also be taught how to remain calm and show respect during the interview process.

Students will also be taught about how to help the victim and what to do during such a situation by providing appropriate first aid. measures and advice. After that, they will be taught how to help the perpetrator as well in dealing with the incident in a productive manner by providing assistance with the problem.

The last part of this training involves students learning about physical injury which is very important when it comes to preventing violent situations. Students are taught how to manage this injury as it takes place at the workplace, whether it is an injury caused during the course of an assault or a physical trauma that happens on the job site. They learn about the right ways to handle such an injury and what to do in such situations.

Overall, the course focuses on how to recognize the effects of violence when it occurs at the workplace and helps the employees to respond appropriately. It helps the employees deal with the aftermath after an incident and what they can do to prevent it from happening again. The course also teaches the importance of providing the necessary training for their employees in the first place in order to better understand the hazards of working at the workplace.

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