Lesson: workplace violence training requirements

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workplace violence training requirements

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As part of a concerted effort to reduce the risk of workplace violence in the United States, the federal government has passed several laws that have helped to make workplace violence training requirements mandatory for most employers. Some of these regulations are now available on the Internet or in employment publications, so it's important to be familiar with workplace violence training requirements so you can identify and avoid situations that might lead to violence in the workplace.

The first workplace violence training requirement that most companies must comply with is the new OSHA requirements. OSHA is the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and is designed to protect your employees from accidents on the job. OSHA does not require you to have any work place violence training requirements, however, you should check your state's OSHA regulations to make sure the agency is also mandating training. Many state agencies require all employers to train their employees in specific work place safety procedures, as well as the OSHA regulations.

Second on the list is the U.S. Department of Justice's Law Enforcement Training and Education Program. This program is intended to help train employees in how to identify and respond to emergencies. This program does require some type of workplace violence training requirements, however, and they usually consist of information about the different types of emergency situations that could arise at your workplace. However, if you don't want to have to spend money on this program, it may not be necessary for you to check the requirements.

Last on the list are the National Criminal Justice Training and Standards Act (NCJSTSA). This law requires each state to create rules and regulations to help ensure that its employees and employers comply with the federal NCJSTSA. If you live in a state that doesn't have this law, then you can still be held liable for injuries caused by your employees or others if your company didn't follow these laws. You should check your state's labor department for information about workplace violence training requirements, including the types of training that may be required. However, it's important to note that many state agencies don't require you to provide such training because the state is not a member of the union, or it is a small enough business that it does not require any training at all.

Some states may have more specific requirements than others, however. You can find out about the specific requirements in your state from your state's labor department or even from the website of the National Conference of State Labor Agencies.

It's also important to know the differences between workplace violence and other types of violent situations that may cause harm or injury. For example, there are cases where you may not need to train employees how to deal with a hostile situation, but might need to train them about the proper way to physically restrain someone in a physical altercation. There are also situations where you may need to train your employees to recognize a dangerous situation if it does occur, such as when a person tries to attack them.

Finally, if you do not have workplace violence training requirements, it's important to have a policy or company policy that provides proper notification to the people in your workplace about dangerous situations or events. This way, employees will be able to notify other members of the building immediately when they see an unsafe situation developing.

Whether you're an employer or an employee, you may need to ask whether you need to take part in one of the workplace violence training requirements or not. Many of the requirements are provided to you by your state or the federal government.

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