Lesson: Conflict Resolution & Training

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Conflict Resolution & Training is a program designed by Dr. Robert Kaplan, PhD, to help people learn how to resolve conflicts and deal with conflict. The main goal of Conflict Resolution & Training is to build self-awareness and self-compassion and the use of conflict as a catalyst for change. It is designed to help people create a positive environment that is conducive to a healthy communication process between partners, with the goal of fostering harmony and peace. There are also courses on conflict resolution and training for people who wish to learn how to resolve conflict in business.

Dr. Kaplan teaches students how to identify and manage conflict, develop skills to work in a collaborative setting and create a framework that will provide a framework for conflict resolution. The program also offers information about the various types of conflicts and the various situations that cause conflict. The course also discusses the role of emotions, feelings and social norms in conflict. The course focuses on the process of problem solving using the five W's - What, Who, When, Where and Why. The course emphasizes the use of conflict as a motivating tool, not an emotional tool.

The course involves learning to recognize, evaluate and handle conflicts. The program teaches students how to work within a problem solving framework. Students gain insight into their own behaviors and learn how to apply this to other situations. The course helps students recognize their own behaviors as well as those of others, learn how to recognize a "win" situation and what triggers it, and how to negotiate in an effective manner. The course provides tools for conflict resolution with an emphasis on communication.

The conflict management & training courses include discussions about conflict resolution with the participation of facilitators, who are experts in conflict. Facilitators will encourage students to participate in the conflict-solving process. Students will have the opportunity to observe the conflict and learn how they can use their skills to resolve it successfully. Facilitators will also guide students through the steps involved in dealing with a conflict and in building a productive relationship.

During the conflict management & training courses, students will have the opportunity to work with other participants to learn how to resolve a variety of conflict problems. The course focuses on the need to communicate clearly and constructively and the importance of listening. and developing open and constructive relationships.

In addition to the coursework and workshops offered in Conflict Resolution & Training, students will be assigned to teams that will engage in a variety of activities designed to enhance their skills and knowledge of conflict management and conflict resolution. Some of these activities include role-playing in conflict situations and working with experts from the military. and government.

Dr. Kaplan also offers an accelerated program of classes to further enhance the students' understanding of successful conflict management. There are also a number of short term workshops that are offered to teach students on conflict resolution & training. These programs are taught in groups of four to six students in an intensive format.

Because this course takes place over a series of five semesters, it requires the students to make a significant commitment to attend the classes. The classes are often held at the university and are held in the evening, on weekends. However, it will benefit students to be able to take courses during the week and to attend some of the classes during the day to accommodate their busy schedules.

Students are expected to read and review all the books, essays, and lectures given in the courses. This will prepare them for the challenges that will arise in their own classroom assignments and in the workplace.

One of the primary focuses of Conflict Resolution & Training is to equip students with the skills to develop skills in interpersonal and negotiation skills. The programs are also designed to prepare students to successfully complete their final exams. and to allow them to pass a comprehensive written examination.

Students will have classroom experience using the Conflict Management & Training curriculum. Students will have a chance to practice problem solving, teamwork, leadership, conflict resolution, conflict management, negotiation, and conflict resolution. and negotiation techniques in a real setting. It is a good idea for students to participate in an internship or a research study in the classes.

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