Lesson: Basic Business Tips For Small Business

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Basic Business Tips For Small Business

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Throughout this year, hundreds of businessmen and entrepreneurs have passed through the different editions " I am an Entrepreneur ", and as an end-of-the-year special they have selected the 62 best appointments of the most prominent businessmen to organize a yearbook.

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In my opinion, the document is a whole decalogue for entrepreneurs with excellent tips to implement in your business in this new year.

These are some of the quotes that I liked the most from the yearbook:

"The opportunities are immense for those who have vision, more than money."
Saul Kahan

"Customer service is the most important thing for them to marry you and your brand."

Claudia Trujillo & Miguel Ángel Hernández

“You can change one machine for another. But the creativity, interest and loyalty of a person are irreplaceable ”.
Hector Alvarez

"Reusing materials that help you create something original with environmental benefits is also a business opportunity."
Ana Garcia & Robb Anderson

"You must be convinced that your product or service is good, to win the customer's heart."
Gerardo Luna & Pilar Silva

"The key is to learn from the mistake and try again."
Alfonso Tamés & Gustavo Álvarez

"Mobility is a determining factor in the life of today's consumer, and people look for those experiences."
Juan Carlos Zazueta

"The first five years of the business were one of complete dedication, sacrifice and enormous challenges."
Guadalupe latapí

"You can start your business from a garage, the important thing is that you make the decision."
Fernando , Andrés and Javier del Cueto , Abidán Franco & Diego Martínez Conde

"Leaning on technology allows me to run my business from home and work on other projects."
Arie cohen

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