Lesson: Causes Of Hair Damage And How To Treat It

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Causes Of Hair Damage And How To Treat It

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Whenever you visit a salon, you will come across a number of hair treatment. They include dying, highlighting, curling and relaxing. You have probably tried one of these. Each one of these treatments are chemical based. You will find the end results of using these treatments are very satisfactory. However, they can impact your hair seriously in the long run. Exposing your hair to treatments regularly can damage the hair. You will notice your hair looks frizzy, dry, oily, split ends and does not have any sheen thus affecting your overall appearance.  

Trying to treat damage hair can be a daunting task and some people will choose home remedies because they are affordable as they search for the best hair treatment that will cater for their needs. Home remedies most of the time make use of hot oil treatment. If the end results are not satisfactory, one may add chemicals and other items to intensify the end results. You will come across a number of active chemicals and most of them will state that they are the leading brand and use latest technology to repair damaged hair. However, there is no one shoe fits all type of solution. You have to play try different products before settling for what works for you. 

Causes of Damaged Hair 

Hair is exposed to harsh substances and surroundings almost every day. Hair will give out after being shampooed and conditioned with these harsh chemicals that also contain strong fragrances. Visits to the salon either for a perm, dye or relaxer and so forth, can affect the normal structure of the hair tresses if done often.   

The tools used to comb the hair can also affect your hair outlook. Unnecessary brushing using rough brushes and combs is one of the greatest typical physical causes. After a swim, hair should be washed immediately. Leaving salty water on hair can cause a lot of damages. Or even after a workout at the gym, too much sweat is gathered in the scalp. 

When the weather is very hot, it is good to protect your hair by wearing hats or bonnets. Being in the sun too much will definitely break and dry up and ruin your hair tresses.   

Treatment for Damaged Hair 

Keratin express treatment

For people who are constrained by time and cannot afford to go to the salon frequently, then keratin express is a better option. You can also use in keratin express treatment between full keratin treatments. The outcomes last longer and looks fresh. Click here now to book an appointment and get yourself done a keratin express treatment for that soft and manageable hair.

Another way of treating hair which is absolutely chemical free is Brazilian keratin treatment. It not only revitalizes the hair that is damaged, but also adds volume to hair. It has a number of positive outcomes from people who have used it and works well with all types of hair especially the ones that have been treated with chemicals leaving the hair smooth and sleek without any adverse effect to them.

You can also do a keratin smoothing treatment after a thorough shampoo to remove any residue left in the hair. This should take between one and three hours depending on the type of hair, how long it is and fullness. Keratin hair treatment is a semi-permanent treatment. It lasts for about 3 to 5 months.

So don’t let your hair appear all dull and frizzy. Get into the salon and treat your hair. Or even better, you can just do it from home!


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