Lesson: Top 10 Tips for Buying Furniture Online

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Lesson Objective

With the exponential rise in the online shopping world, more and more people are optic to purchase stuff online.

Lesson Plan

With the exponential rise in the online shopping world, more and more people are optic to purchase stuff online. Especially, when it is about the best furniture to buy, then most of us prefer online. As the furniture items are usually bulky and costly, a typical mindset is to check it by sitting on them, and test them out before purchasing. Well, it may be intimidating at first to buy furniture online, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

As a homeowner, buying furniture will be a big investment you will make. As you will be using it for years to come, so make sure you choose the best one when browsing through the options. To make your purchase easier, there are a few tips that you should follow -

●      Know your Preferences

Having a predetermined idea of the kind of furniture you want will be the best way to begin shopping. Nowadays, you will be able to find numerous designs and styles of furniture. Therefore, having a clear idea  about your requirements will allow you to directly look for that type of furniture. Isn’t that simple, just make your process as narrow as possible with more options to choose from online.

●      Find a Store That Matches Your Preferences

You may find numerous online retailers that offer furniture among other products from different merchants. However, there are sites that are dedicated to providing a particular style, reflecting their commitment. You will find various online stores that specialize in both traditional and modern furniture. And some may even have product offerings with a sense of style. The best way will be to identify your sense of style and then search for the keywords that suit your taste.

●      Shop at Stores That Offer a Good Selection

First of all, you need to make sure what furniture you would like for your home. Some online sites give emphasis on small or hand painted furniture pieces, while others only stock on to living room ones. If you choose to shop on a site that offers a wide variety of furniture for every room of the house, then you will have a good chance to find everything at one place.

Furthermore, various reputed  online stores offer discounts on shipments. If you purchase more than one furniture piece at the same time, then you may also save hefty bucks. Another important thing to consider when buying the same colored furniture is to order them from the same website so as to ensure they all match. It may be tempting to buy multiple furniture from different online stores, with the expectations of having the same colors and different designs. But the probability of it backfiring is high, because even a slightly different shade will lower the entire ambience/show of the room they are kept in.

●      Look Out for Secure Websites

In order to reduce the risk of identity theft, you should only purchase from secure websites. When you are about to check out, you will see the full details that indicate whether the website is secure or not. Don’t get confused! When purchasing furniture from a website, you can check the URL of that page. You will see that the URL starts to change i.e. https, which indicates SSL certificate  (Secure Sockets Layer). A visible lock icon on the bottom of the webpage is the indicator of the security of the website. In order to check the information, you can click on the icon and it will show you the security measures of the website. Most reputed online stores have FAQs that detail their policies for security. With the advent of numerous online stores, it is important to be cautious when responding to promotional emails, before clicking through any link.

Selecting Furniture Pieces

●      Take a Look at the Pictures

It has become quite common for online stores to post alluring pictures of the furniture pieces. It isn’t a bad tactic, but you should take a look at those photos carefully as all that glitters is not gold. You will often see that websites also offer other links to side angles and to more photos that don’t use any props to make the furniture more attractive to the consumer. Especially, if the furniture that you are looking at is one of its kind, then you should search online for more and more pictures to get an idea of what it looks like.


●      Check the Furniture Measurements

It is vital to check the measurements of the furniture and don’t assume that it would fit easily in your living area. Always do multiple checks when measuring the room and make sure that the hallways aren’t causing any issues. Asking for a second opinion can actually be a good idea about how the furniture will get into the room. 

●      Read the Description & Reviews

Don’t make the mistake of overlooking the product descriptions, instead read them carefully. You should know that furniture manufacturers are very strict when choosing their wording. Take for instance, the particular furniture is made up of synthetic material and probably of low to moderate quality  which you ignored to read in the description.

Apart from that, you should check the reviews of the website if you are directly buying from them. Although you may read both positive and negative reviews, a couple of -ve ones won't mean that the website sells low quality furniture. But if the ratio of negative reviews is more, then stay away from that website.


●      Compare the Cost

Although there are online retailers who have one of a kind furniture pieces in their inventory, not all of them sell these exceptions. That means you will find furniture on various online stores out there. If you are on a budget, then comparing multiple websites for pricing before the purchase will be a good idea. It is wise to buy from that store which you think fulfills your budget and the best overall deal. It may take some time, but rest assured that it will pay off in the end.

●      Find a Coupon

If you are looking for good furniture and that too in hefty discounts, then look for the retailers that give out coupons. Take advantage of these special offers and coupons for your furniture shopping. Most sites send coupons via email to new customers who recently purchased something or those who signed up without buying anything. If the opportunity prevails, then take advantage and use the coupon codes for your next purchase.

Shipping Options

●      Store Pick Up

You can find various online retailers that let you pick up your items in the store itself. You just have to order online and the package will be shipped to your nearest store for you to pick them up.


●      White Glove Delivery


This type of delivery means that the delivery guy will not only bring you the furniture, but will unpack and set it too. It is of course for those who aren’t able to assemble furniture by themselves. Reminding you that this service is costly and some sites charge hefty bucks for the entire set up.

●      Front Door & Inside Delivery

When it comes to front door delivery, then the guy drops off your furniture at your front door. This is the typical mode of delivery method usually preferred by people. As for the inside delivery, it obviously costs more. The delivery guy will bring the furniture inside, if your apartment is on a particular floor or has to be carried upstairs. This option is much better for those who don’t want to carry the heavy stuff all by themselves.



Whether  you need second hand furniture to buy, or first hand, you can find it online without much effort on your part. While you can save money and time by purchasing furniture online, you should also be aware of the scammers and look out for the offers. Make sure that the site you are shopping from is safe and secure. Read reviews, search for user submitted pictures of the furniture, before your next purchase.


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