Lesson: Organizing Data

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Lesson Objective

SWBAT organize data into tally charts and line plots. SWBAT read and analyze line plots.

Lesson Plan


6DASP.1 – Describe and compare data sets using the concepts of median, mean, mode , maximum, and range.


Key Points

SWBAT organize data into line plots or tally charts. SWBAT read and analyze line plots.

·         Categorical data is best organized with a tally chart

·         Numerical data is best organized with a line plot

·         A line plot is a number line with an X placed above the number it represents  


Create a line plot from the data below.


23, 13, 8, 14, 8, 12, 10, 8, 14, 22, 19, 15




Look at the line plot below. 


Number of Pull Ups Performed by Students in FAMU



























How many students did fewer than 7 pull ups?




Warm Up: (5 mins)

·         Write two categorical and two numerical data questions.


Opening: (5 mins)

·         Everyone the number of sisters you have on the post-it on your desk. 

·         Have students place the post its on the appropriate spot on the number line on the board.

·         Tell students that the display we made is called a Line Plot and today we are going to learn more about line plots and their use.

Intro/Direct Instruction: (10 mins)

·         Review categorical and numerical data

·         Ask students to think about the type of data that is captured in the line plot on the board. 

·         Validate that the data is numerical and say tell students that a line plot is both a way to display but also to organize numerical data.

·         Explain to students how to create a line plot

o    Highlight that the bottom of a line plot is a number line – demonstrate creating the number line using the data presented.

o    Remind students that each X on the line plot represents one data point for the number below it.

·         Walk through organizing categorical data from the class into a tally chart.

·          Describe that a tally chart has categories on one side, the other has tally marks for the number of people who chose that category. 


Guided Practice: (10mins)

·         Walk students through the process of deciding which chart to use to organize the data. 

·         Ask the students what the data shows – categorical or numerical?

·         Have students match categorical with tally charts and numerical with line plots.

·         Students should then create both types of charts for the two different data sets.

Independent Practice: (15 mins)

·         Students complete worksheet – teacher circulates to monitor understanding/practice – or pull a small group of students who struggled during the guided practice


Direct Instruction

·         Tell students know that we have a little experience with line plots we are going to look at them again in a slightly different way. 

·         Instead of creating line plots we are going to focus on reading and answering questions about line plots.

·         Model answering questions about a line plot for students. Be clear when you are using the numbers on the bottom of the line plot and how to count the Xs appropriately


Guided Practice:

·         Have students walk through answering questions about line plots.


Independent Practice:

·         Exit Ticket with line plot questions


Closing: (5 mins)

·         Discuss with students:

·         What type of data is best organized in a tally chart? What type of data is best organized in a line plot?


Lesson Resources

CW Organizing Data   Classwork
HW Organize Data  
Notes Organizing Data/Line Plots   Notes


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