Lesson: Big Benefits of a PMP Certification

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Climbing up the ladder of your career is always hard as it takes a lot of patience and hard work.

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Climbing up the ladder of your career is always hard as it takes a lot of patience and hard work. However, there are a few things you can do to make things a little bit easier for yourself. One such thing is getting a PMP certification. It is one of those certifications that is bound to help your career and improve your salary dramatically. During your PMP course, your project management skills improve significantly and you get better at handling projects. These are just some of the many benefits PMP certification has to offer.

Before you get into the benefits of the certification, you would want to know what exactly it is. PMP stands for Project Management Professional and it is a professional designation that is recognized internationally. The certification has practical relevance in many industries such as services, IT, construction, oil and gas, transportation, architecture, energy, and engineering, etc. A PMP certification can bring about drastic changes to your career, which is why professionals are particularly interested in it. Given that professional certification is acknowledged all over the world, PMP validates your experience and education in project management.

Now you know what PMP is, here are the major benefits of the certification:

●      PMP certification adds to your credibility and you become a part of a global workforce. Upon earning the certification, you get the eligibility to work anywhere in the world. In other professional courses like medicine, engineering, physiotherapy, pharmacy, if you want to immigrate to another country, you are required to showcase your skill by either giving an examination or undergoing a short course. On the other hand, a PMP certified professional won’t have to undergo any additional assessment. They can get started immediately and work where they are willing to.

●      A PMP certified professional is always preferred over other project managers by recruiters. To work as a project manager, you need to be capable of paying detailed attention with no ignorance and show high credibility. With a PMP certification, you will be able to acknowledge your project management skills.

●      PMP increases your earning potential massively. This is perhaps one major benefit of the certification that makes it so attractive to professionals. As per a research conducted by the Project Management Institute, it was seen that around 80% of managers had an increase of a minimum of 20% in their pay. So, it is almost a guarantee that you will have a salary hike upon earning the PMP certification. It offers a high return on investment.

●      PMP certification becomes useful even in a recession. When others get laid off, you remain a valuable employee. While no one is exactly immune when a recession occurs, there is evidence that companies find PMP professionals to be valuable. In particular, during a recession, companies look upon these professionals to help them get through the difficult times.

●      The certification does provide you important skills for the job. It equips you with all the necessary skills you need to become a successful project manager. The job of a project manager is never easy. There is a lot of work involved in driving a successful project. In around 90% of cases when projects fail, it is because of wrong project estimates. Hence, it is the need of the hour to get into the field only after undergoing proper training. You are bound to perform better if you hone your skills in training. Without a PMP certification training, working as a project manager is as fatal as it gets. You might be capable of doing the job, but you wouldn’t have the right tools and skills. When you undergo a course for PMP certification, you get to learn several techniques that help you streamline your project management skills. This helps in ensuring the delivery of a 100% successful project.

●      Whenever there is a new and transformative technology, you are the first one to know about it. The PMP badge helps you stay in touch with the latest technologies as well as the new standards in the industry. Hence, it does a lot in making you a proper leader.

●      As you progress in your career, you will start becoming an insider of different industry domains. If you become a PMP certified project manager, you will no longer be restricted to a particular domain. At some points, project management skills get to be more important than the product build. Hence, it won’t be challenging for you to switch domains.

●      You become a part of a professional network that helps you have new opportunities and get to exciting places. PMP certification connects individuals all across the globe through platforms like online communities, conferences, discussion boards, brown bag sessions, etc. Through these platforms, professionals share their experience with different projects they handle.

●      After getting certified, you become more aware of team management and your influence on the team improves as well. For an individual who isn’t PMP certified, it may be quite challenging to handle the team, timely deliveries, work as well as employees’ expectations and social lives. However, a PMP certified individual acquires this during their training. It equips them to effectively handle tasks with ease.

●      As mentioned before, PMP individuals are highly valued by employers. Through the certification, you show that you are a highly motivated and goal-oriented professional. Earning the PMP certification is one of the best ways to show your employers that you have everything that it takes to be a good project manager. It is not an easy task to get PMP certified. It requires you to work hard for additional hours after what you invest during office hours. So, you put in effort beyond your job. Employers always look for professionals who are committed and dedicated and willing to give more than 100% when needed.

It is evident PMP certification provides excellent benefits that can give a boost to your career. A PMP certified project manager certainly has an advantage over others. You should try earning the certification and increase your employability. 

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