Lesson: How to Arrange the Accessories in your Home

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Maybe you got into a new home or renovated an old one, and you're at crossroads as to how to get everything in place. Displaying your accessories can be an arduous task, but you have to do it anyway. For some persons, it takes several hours to create that attractive home they've always desired, but for other persons, it's a walk in the park.

Note that the arrangement pattern of your home says a lot about your personality. If the arrangement is haphazardly made, it sends the wrong signal, and when it is the other way around, you'll surely get positive reviews. Think of the last time you had a first-time visitor. What did they say about your home? Did you think they were sincere in their reviews?

If you belong to the group of people who are bereft of home improvement ideas, then this article is for you. Here is how you can arrange the accessories in your home:

Maximize table tops

Tabletops are supposed to declutter your space and make your home look appreciable, but many persons do not make good use of it. They offer a lot of space to keep your plants, flowers, display books, and other everyday items. Here's how you can maximize the space on top of your table. Use trays to group similar items on the table like the flower, smaller items, and similar books. When you do this, your table declutters, and you'll be glad at the new looks. Check out notable sites like https://www.hod9.com to get the best of home accessories.

Balance the books

Books represent a wealth of knowledge, but they're also an accessory for decorating your home. Since they come in various sizes and colors, they're visually appealing. They work well with other items in the room, like the bookshelf. Sorting your shelf to maximize your books is one way to make your living room or sitting room appealing. Books should be arranged according to their color to portray artistic elements. If you have alcoves on either side of a fireplace with shelves, use books with ornaments on other shelves.

Use multiples of a single item

Using multiples of a single item could sound basic, but it impacts the aesthetics of your home. Instead of one flower vase on the small table in your bedroom, you can use four or five of them. Blend taller and shorter items instead of arranging it in ascending or descending order.


Most homeowners love to use artwork to beautify their homes, but many go about it the wrong way. How do I mean? It is sometimes scattered over the house that instead of adorning the house, it makes it look disorganized. An artwork that should be placed on the wall should be at least 20 to 30cm above the table. When it is higher, it loses the aesthetic effect, and when it is lower, the room will look jampacked. Artworks are supposed to complement the room and other ornaments. Also, add colors that harmonize and blend effectively with the artwork.

Showcase a collection

You could have a collection of jugs and expensive items, but they're lying waste, and you're not getting the best out of it. Here's what to do instead of scattering your priceless collections in your sitting room and bedroom. Design transparent cupboard (which is deliberate by the way) and stack all those eye-catchy collections there. It should be located in a spot where your visitors would notice it at first glance. Pick the best of the items to sample and watch how you'll steal your visitor's attention.

Use decorative boxes

Another way to make your home less boring is by using decorative boxes like a fabric- designed, gold plaited, or vintage designed box. It is a great way to add style to your sitting room and living room while keeping your pen, keys, and smaller jewelry away from everyone's eyes. Having a fanciful box declutters your space, makes your room attractive and reduces the chances of you misplacing your items. You can design these boxes yourself using basic tools.

Arrange items in groups of three

Call it a rule of thumb id you will, but this tip works excellently well. The rule of three (or the odd number rule) believes that items arranged in groups of three, five, seven, or other odd numbers are aesthetically attractive than those arranged in even numbers. Another tip that'll help when applying the rule of three is that you mix horizontal and vertical objects since your goal is to create visually interesting space.

Use visual triangles

Every homeowner that has eyes for design loves to use visual triangles. Using this triangle helps you envision an eye-catchy environment. This styling technique applies to mantels and shelves. When creating a visual triangle, arrange objects by height to create an asymmetrical or symmetrical triangle. One rule of thumb for visual triangles is that you don't group similar-sized objects. Avoid a zig-zag or long arrangement; instead, keep the tallest item in the middle and place smaller ones on the side. Placing bigger items behind and the smaller ones in front are more attractive than the opposite action.

Accessories complement one another. There are no hard and fast rules as to where an accessory ought to be in the house. This is to say that you can switch places from time to time to add style to your home. It's not a bad idea to change the small table's position in your bedroom from time to time. You can try it out and be grateful to HOD9 for the tip. HOD9 carefully selected these tips because they have worked for many and would certainly work for you. If you are having a hard time arranging your accessories in your new or renovated home, then you should digest these tips and apply them to your home. Better still, an expert interior designer can offer you home d├ęcor services for a fee. If you cannot afford one, stay tuned to HOD0 for the latest tips and information on quality home accessories.

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