Lesson: Lesson 1 - Using Math in Match 3 Game

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Lesson Objective

We will use math to clear first 50 levels of this game.

Lesson Plan

Using maths in Match 3 Game is both fun and quick way to learn. We have developed a method using games so that studends can learn, understand easily.

We will be using farm heroes super saga game for this lesson.

More details about farm heroes super saga - Help Fidget the squirrel collect his nuts, harvest some Super Cropsies and meet new, exciting Farm Heroes along the way.

Creating a super-sized, apple-shaped, multi-sensory urban orchard.

Review of this game - Love the new game design! The prizes are great! Keep the levels coming! . So adictive!!!.. This game takes away stress ! what else can I say. Love the prizes! Love the graphics! The excitement continues! The different levels are great!

Challenges me and is a lot of fun! The graphics are cool. It's great that it gives extra challenges now & then to gain different boosts! Love it! Love the hedgehogs!

Lesson Resources

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