Lesson: Ways You Can Use To Achieve Financial Freedom

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Lesson Objective

Ways You Can Use To Achieve Financial Freedom

Lesson Plan

Often people confuse financial freedom with the ability of one being rich.So what does ‘rich’ mean? If I asked you today, how much money do you need to feel rich? What would you say? Maybe a million dollars?

What if I gave you the million dollars and then asked you the same question? The answer won’t be the same – you will raise the ‘rich’ bar. For me, financial freedom is being able to be free from any stress. It means not being able to worry and being able to take care of all the ‘whatifs’.

It might also mean taking the necessary steps to ensure that you achieve a big sense of well-being.


The first thing for financial freedom is saving. Put aside some money for your future. Manage your cash flow and minimize your credit costs. The first thing to do the moment you receive your payment is to pay yourself. Set up an emergency fund as well, you never know what might happen over the coming years

Get Yourself an Insurance

The next is to get insurance. Protect yourself and your family financially from any tragedies that might occur.

Invest Your Money

Invest, invest, invest. Take your money and let it work for you.You might not start big. Start from anywhere as you continue to learn more tricks and become more and more adventurous. For you to gain monster credit control, put your credit cards away to ensure that you don’t use them for a while.

You can even transfer the money you’ve made to a different cheaper and line of credit or card so that you end up paying less in terms of interest. Slapping lots of cash on your debt will ensure that you live debt-free.

These three steps are the game-changer. If you find them overwhelming, just know that you can make it as far as financial freedom is concerned. Anyone can do it – don’t measure yourself according to some external conditions or standards.

Anyone can do it; you don’t need a degree or a unique brain to achieve financial freedom. You don’t have to be smart when it comes money matters to pull this off. No, you only have to have a sense of balance in all that you do.Deal with different priorities giving each one of them the attention it deserves.

Finally, ensure that the goal that you decide to set are realistic in such a way that you don’t berate yourself for failing. Work hard to meet those goals. These goals have to be yours and not for the others that you think can do better or know better than you do.

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