Lesson: Tips on How to Write a Perfect Essay Outline

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Lesson Objective

I would like to share with you some Tips on How to Write a Perfect Essay Outline

Lesson Plan

Outlines are very crucial in essay writing. Not only do they provide you with step-by-step guidance on how to write your paper but also enable your essay to have a smooth and systematic flow. Creating one when working on your assignments can come in handy in various ways. Thus, it is important that you possess good outlining skills to simplify the paper writing process. However, some students fail to comprehend what a perfect essay outline encompasses. Well, if you are one of them, you need not worry about anything. Qualified writers from online service for mba essay writing companies can provide you with a perfect essay outline example that you can use to learn. 

Moreover, below are some tips and techniques that you can use to learn how to write an essay outline. 

Read and comprehend the assignment guidelines and instructions

Before you start working on your essay assignment, read the guidelines and instructions, and ensure you understand them. Pinpoint and encircle all the important keywords and phrases in the assignment instructions. Ensure that you comprehend what the task necessitates of you. If you need any clarifications, ask your professor or an expert from a reputable custom essay writing service such as EssayWritingService.

Create a topic

The vitality of an outline in the essay writing process is that it helps in the development and organization of your ideas. However, you need to undertake prewriting exercises to start well. Some prewriting techniques that you can embrace include;

  • Jotting down all the ideas that cross your mind. Note down all the ideas that come to your mind whether good or bad. Look over your list and group all the similar ideas together.

  • Freewriting. Write whatever crosses your mind without stopping for about five to ten minutes. Do not focus much on editing. 

  • Clustering. Jot your essay subject at the center of a piece of paper and underline it. After, draw lines and jot down new ideas that correspond to the primary one. 

  • Questioning. Write out the 5Ws (Who, What, When, Where, and Why) and the 1H (How) on a piece of paper. Then write their answers. 

Recognize your purpose and audience

Allen Cranston, an analyst and resume writer who cooperates with https://resumethatworks.com/ reports that to generate more ideas for your essay, you need to identify your purpose as well as your audience. What does your article strive to accomplish? Is it to motivate, convince, persuade, or communicate a message to the readers? Does the purpose of your paper align with the assignment’s instructions? Also, who will be reading your paper? Is it your professor, college friends, or someone else? What are their needs and expectations considering what they know and do not know regarding your topic? Answering these questions will enable you to know the appropriate content to incorporate in your example essay outline.


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