Lesson: How Pens Affect Your Score In Exams

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There are many kinds of exams one could take.  Entrance exams in school, periodical exams, final exams, board exams for professionals, and exams for employment.  Examinations are very important because this objectively assess an individual with what he has learned (in school) and what are his abilities and capacities. 

There are many factors affecting the performance of a person during examinations. First, his or her readiness in taking the exam. How prepared the individual in taking the test? For students, there are many preparations being done before exams: review, tutorials, etc in order for them to recall the lessons.  Exams in schools are also the bases for assessing the student’s learning for a period of time.

For professional board exams, there is a more comprehensive preparation being done.  reviews are being conducted by different review centres while others prefer to self study especially those who are in tight budget. 

All these examinations need preparations: emotionally, physically, and intellectually.  But did you know that there are also other external factors affecting the performance of the person during examination? Yes! It could be the ambiance of the classroom, the attitude of the proctor or examiner, the seat, ventilation, at guess what? Even the kind of pen you are using during the exam affects your performance.  If this is so, why don’t you use the best pens for exams? Surely, there are many types of pens that you can choose in the school supplies department, but not all of them can fit to your finger, to your taste, to your grip, and overall, to your comfort in taking the exam.

Choosing the most comfy pen

If your pen is not great, say for example, your finger is not comfortable with the grip, or maybe the grip needs to be too tight or loose, the tendency is, your attention will be focused then to the pen you are using.  You might get distracted with how your pen should be held.  This may affect your performance especially if the exam is time pressured.  You can not concentrate anymore because you are being distracted with the pen you are using.  Hey! Make sure that you are using the best pen for exams.  You are the one can determine which brad and type is the best.  There are actually many brands of pen with different prices and of course different performance.  You can tell which suits you.  The most important is that, you are comfortable with your pen ad the ink is not messy even when being use to write in a glossy paper. 

Pens also come in different colors, but the most formal and always recommended for exams are black-inked pens.  This colour is neat and easy to read even by those who are have slight problems of visions.




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