Lesson: Simple Subjects and predicates

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Lesson Objective

After completing this lesson the student will be able to identify the simple subject and simple predicate of a sentence.

Lesson Plan

Needed items/documents/files/materials:

·         Flipchart – Simple Subjects and Predicates

·         Helping Verb song handout for each student.


Level of Bloom’s Taxonomy:

·          Application – create their own sentences and identify the simple subject and simple predicate.

Background information: what do I need to know to teach this lesson?

·          The simple subject is the specific person or thing a sentence is about and the simple predicate is the verb or verb phrase in the sentence.

Instructional Procedures:  How will I…?

…recall prior relevant information?  Make connections to prior learning?

1.       Review the previous lesson with the students touching briefly on sentences, kinds of sentences, and subjects and predicates.

2.      Power-write about sentences.  Have the students compare their word counts so far – are they getting better at power-writing?

3.      Have the students make a Venn Diagram comparing and contrasting the subject and the predicate of a sentences (in the flipchart as warm-up activity).

….present new material?

1.       Go through the flipchart with the students.  All of the activities and interaction will be managed through the flipchart.  (a PDF of the flipchart is attached to this lesson)

2.      When the discussion turns to helping verbs as part of the verb phrase, hand out the helping verb song.  The tune is to Jingle Bells.  The students should keep this song in their binder as we will work with helping verbs all year.

…assess performance????

·         Assessment through the flipchart.  If you do not have an activboard students may write their answers down on a sheet of notebook paper and you may check the answers.

·         After the lesson have the students write 5 original sentences (5th grade sentences, a minimum of 7 words) and they must divide the complete subject from the complete predicate, underline the simple subject and circle the simple predicate.  See example on flipchart.

…Enhance retention? (homework)

·          P. 22 in Grammar Rules 6th grade book (any practice page you have for simple subject and simple predicate).

Test Questions from today’s objectives?


Did Students…?

   ….know my objectives?

  ….actively engage with the new material?

  …work together on a task?

  …get feedback on their performance?

What worked well and what needed improvement

The best part of this lesson is the helping verb song.  The student know their helping verbs by the end of the unit and the retain that knowledge.  I have teachers come to me years later and tell me that the student's will break out into the song whenever they cover helping verbs.  I added in having students writing sentences, dividing the subject and predicate because I find that students are really good at grammar in isolation, but when it comes to applying what they have learned they aren't so good at it!  By writing the sentences, I am forcing the students to use what they have learned.


Lesson Resources

helping verb list   Activity
lesson 4 simple subject and predicate   Lesson Plan
simple subject and predicate   Smart Board
simple subject and predicate.pdf  


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