Lesson: Watch Repair: Explained Procedure Of Watch Repair

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Lesson Objective

Watch Repair: Explained Procedure Of Watch Repair

Lesson Plan

For keeping the valuable asset or equipment working, maintenance is an important facet. Whether it is a big car, computer, or just a watch, keeping it clean and servicing it regularly is imperative. A watch has many mechanical parts that need to be greased with special oil. It is a valued timepiece and must be cleaned professionally to keep it working. Parts of a watch are micro, and the technicians that work on it are called surgeons as it is like mechanical surgery. To continue the watch repair, it is crucial to have knowledge about every single part.

There are many different steps involved in the procedure of watch repair, which is as follows:

  • Disassemble and examination

There can be many reasons for which a watch stopped working. The first step is to disassemble the watch parts and get visibility on the affected part or problem. The watch is opened and examined correctly, and the movement from the case is removed. Then, next comes the cleaning, and for it, all the parts like jewels, gears, and pinions are removed.

  • Cleaning process

After examining the problem, the cleaning process starts. The parts of the case, band, and movement are put in the cleaning process. This process helps in removing all the metal, dust, excess oils, and contaminants from the parts.

  • Installation of new main spring

Once cleaning is done, the parts of the movement are assembled again. A new main spring is installed in the watch for the proper functioning of it.

  • Oiling of parts

While the components of the movement are reassembled, the pivot points and the jewels are oiled by the lubricants for smooth operation.

  • Battery

If the watch has stopped working and there is a problem in the battery, then a new battery is installed.

  • Preliminary regulation

After changing the battery and oiling the parts, the timing of the watch is measured using an instrument named horological time.

  • Band and case cleaning

Both the band and the case are cleaned with chemicals after a full inspection of the watch. The band and the case are given a finished look by hand polishing, which helps in removing the scratches and nicks on the band.

  • Gaskets

New gaskets are installed in the band and case.

  • Final touch

After everything is done, the assembled watch must show the accurate timing and pressure tests to indemnify the accuracy.

It is essential to get the repair done by the professional to avoid the damage of the watch. Professionals such as Swiss Time Services have good knowledge of the procedure of the repair and can also help you to customize your watch in case you need it.

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