Lesson: Get Information About The Launching Of File Explorer In Windows 10!!

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Lesson Objective

Get Information About The Launching Of File Explorer In Windows 10!!

Lesson Plan

Windows 10 comes with many features that make the Windows operating system better than before. The system will be user-friendly for the person operating on them. The new version will be better than the previous windows operating system. In some cases, there can be issues in understanding the concept of Windows 10. Experts suggest get help with file explorer in windows 10 in fixing the problems.  

File Explorer is a program that will help the person in running the program. The navigation of one file to another folder will be convenient on a computer. In this article, the information will be provided to the person about the launching of the File Explorer. With the additional features, the person will get a different and unique experience while using Windows.  

Troubleshooter to resolve the problem 

In this method, the troubleshooter will be done at the running devices to solve the issue. There will be the following of the stated points to get the solution.  

  • There will be pressing of shortcut key for run file and type control panes in the search box. 
  • Afterward, there will be searching for troubleshooting options in the search box of the control panel. A click will be made at the troubleshooting at the folder. 
  • Now, a click will be made at the Hardware and sound to solve the issue in the running device of the person. 
  • There will be provided instructions for troubleshooting in the running device. 

 Ask me anything option to launch the program 

To get help with file explorer in windows 10, ask me anything will be the simple and easiest method to resolve the issue in the running device. 

  • There will be typing of File Explorer in the tab – ask me anything.
  • After the search, a click can be done at the file explorer for solving the issues available at the running device of the person.

 Windows Logo + E method in Windows 10  

For quick results, the use of the technique can be done through the person. In this method, the person has to press the Windows logo + E option for the understanding in windows 10. There will be no requirement for extra information and knowledge for launching the file explorer. After the use, there should be a closing of the tab through the person. 

In this way, a person can get help with file explorer in windows 10 will assist the person in using the window 10 in the operating system efficiently. It will provide quick access to the person at the running device with Windows 10 operating on them. The sharing of the photos, files, and folders will be easy for the operators.




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