Lesson: CFD Trading Platform Checklist Lesson 2

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Lesson Objective

Find the best CFD broker

Lesson Plan

See how the stop loss order is placed for your trading

One of the greatest benefits of CFD trading is it allows a person to place stop loss orders that works automatically. When choosing a CFD provider, check out the details of order placement for stop losses. The trading system that you are using will determine the type of stop loss order. For instance:

a) Are you allowed to place an "if done" stop loss order that is linked to a awaiting order to enter a CFD?

If the answer is yes then you can place your order to enter the CFD, and its stop loss at the same time every day. People who work during the day time find this very much helpful since this allows them to execute all their trades in the evening. There are two kind of “if done” stop loss available:

One is that you can specify the stop loss at a particular price if you are using a limit order to enter a CFD. And the other one is if you are going for a “enter on open” type of order, can specify stop loss at a particular distance from the entry price, regardless of the entry price. What you can or cannot do will depend on the provider. So before choosing a CFD trading broker, have a look at their website and if you need more details then contact with them for more information.

b) See whether there is any limitation or restriction for placing stop losses based on how far the stop loss can be from the entry price. Some providers will allow you to trade without such limitations where some might require you to maintain a minimum distance.

c) You need to keep one thing in mind, when you are going for placing market order in the day time; normally it will require you to place the stop loss right after entering the trade. So in that case, the above mentioned points won’t be applicable for you apart from checking how far from the current price spread you can place your stop loss order.

Have a closer look at the charts

Some CFD traders would prefer to use the charts on the platforms that the brokers come up with in order to modify their own entries. This is more useful in case of day trading. On the other hand, many traders go for systems that don’t require them to be there at all when the market is open. Charts are not used in such cases. However, in order to have a clear idea about the market condition, it is necessary to have an effective chart for assistance.

Check out the account management log book

While choosing a trading platform, it is important that you take a look at the account management log book of the platform where you will keep track of your account, your profits and losses from trades along with the costs of trading such as commissions and interest charges or payments. This should be quite clear and easy to understand. When it comes to CFD trading, choosing the right platform is as important as selecting a reliable and efficient broker. You can practice placing orders through different provider’s demo CFD accounts and trading platforms before starting you career as a trader.

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