Lesson: CFD Trading Platform Checklist Lesson 1

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Lesson Objective

Find the best CFD broker

Lesson Plan

Now there are few things that you need to look for in a CFD trading platform that is offered by a broker.

Check out whether it allows you to place limit or stop orders to go in a CFD position in the evenings

To enter a CFD position next morning, you may want to place an order in the evening. This is helpful for those people who works during the day time do their trading in the evening. These orders to enter a CFD are typically done with limit orders. Some providers will allow you to stop entry orders too.

In case of the limit orders, it is important that you check that they be placed on either side of the market. For instance, a CFD trader may feel interested to place a limit order for buying at a limit price of $5.50. This is above the latest closing price of say $5.30. If the market trades at $5.50 in the following morning or below that, he or she will enter the position. It is a method of placing an order to assist to ensure you enter the position, unless the price gaps up the next morning above the limit price of $5.50. So, if you trade the system following this strategy, Make sure that you can place them in the evening and can them at a limit price which is above the last trade price.

See if the market orders are available both during and out of the market hours

You find some CFD providers' CFD trading platform who will allow you to place order during a time when the market is closed so that you can enter a position at the opening price when the market opens. This can be done by a “market order” when the market is closed. It is also termed as “enter at open” in some platforms. Some brokers will allow you to enter a CFD only when the market is open. In such cases, you will have to monitor the market while it is open. However, the time depends on the location of the market. If you are trading overseas, then the market hours can be in the afternoon or night instead of in the morning.

See if you can place stop loss orders for entering a position

Stop loss orders are used in trading systems to enter a trade which are termed as “stop entry orders”. This means, if you place a stop buy order at $5.50, and then you would enter the position when the stock trades at or above $5.50. Some trading systems allow the trader to execute their trades in the evening. This is very much suitable for those people who have to attend their work place in the day time. You need to check out whether the platform is restricted for only market hour trading.

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