Lesson: What are the Qualities of the Best Paddle for Kayaking

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Kayaking: the best water experience

Kayaking is different from other boating activities. One noticeable difference is the position of the boatman. It would always be in a sitting position leveled on the boat. The boat in kayaking is smaller, as it looks like the person is attached to it. It is usually done by one person, but some have available slots for one or two more. However, one person is ideal because of its paddle.

Yes, the paddle of the kayak is not similar to other boat paddles, such as paddles for canoeing and rafting. The paddle of the kayak has blades on both sides, so the rider of the boat can paddle side to side, left and right.

Qualities of the Best Kayak Paddle

There are lots of kayak paddles out there, but what you need is something that will suit your preference. But we will try to discuss some general qualities that would fit almost everyone.

Lightweight and durable

We don’t want a very heavy paddle. As much as possible, the weight is just right for us, so we can lift it and paddle several times. Heavier paddles will make you weary over time, and you don’t want that, especially if you are in an emergency, and you need to paddle harder.

Also, you want your paddle for kayaking to be durable. Although it’s lightweight, you don’t want your paddle to break. If your paddle breaks, it would be difficult for you to balance your boat. So look for these two qualities when you look for a kayak paddle.

Good water penetration

Paddling can be strenuous if the paddle has intense buoyancy. It just floats easily and quickly that you can’t paddle deep and hard on the water. The blades of the paddle should penetrate easily when you thrust in the water so you can have a good swing on the paddle so the boat can move.

Perfect balance

Since kayak paddles are designed to create balance on the boat, the paddles have to be well balanced too. It has to have the same weight from both sides, so both two arms will have the same intensity of work done. Therefore it provides excellent control on the boat even on wavy and difficult water situations.

The best paddles always have the right price

There are cheap and affordable paddles out there. Well, the thing is when you are buying something very cheap, it will not guarantee you good quality. You will always get what you’ve paid for. Buy paddles that have a very reasonable price. They don’t have to be expensive, but the price is just right for the quality of its material and its performance.


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