Lesson: Finding the Range

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Lesson Objective

SWBAT calculate the range of a data set. SWBAT identify the minimum and maximum values of a data set.

Lesson Plan


6DASP.1 – Describe and compare data sets using the concepts of median, mean, mode , maximum, and range.


Key Points

SWBAT identify the minimum and maximum values of a data set. SWBAT calculate the range in a data set.

·         The range is the difference between the maximum and minimum values of a data set

·         The range tells us the “spread” of the data

·         The range is not a measure that is used to describe what is “typical” about a data set



Phil recorded the number of apples he picked from each apple tree in his yard.  The results are listed below.

38, 46, 29, 53, 71


What were the minimum number of apples and the maximum number of apples that Phil picked from the apples trees in the yard?

A.       The minimum was 29 apples and the maximum was 71 apples

B.       The minimum was 29 apples and the maximum was 65 apples

C.       The minimum was 38 apples and the maximum was 71 apples

D.       The minimum was 38 apples and the maximum was 65 apples




The table below shows the high temperatures recorded for five days in Washington, DC.


Temperatures in Washington, DC


Temperature (in °F)












Based on the information in the table, what was the range of temperatures in Washington, DC during the five days?


A.       5

B.       7

C.       69

D.       74




Warm Up: (5 mins)

·         Find the mean, median and mode of the data set below:

Number of Points the Redskins Scored in Last 6 games









Opening: (5 mins)

·         Put up data set with the mean, median, mode and range posted.  Ask students to think about this new data statistic and to “predict” what they think the range is

·         Post answers on a chart – Tell students at the end of class we can go back and see if any of our predictions were correct

Intro/Direct Instruction: (10 mins)


·         Over the past couple of days we have been analyzing data sets into numbers we call statistics.  Explain that the statistics we have been studying the past days are also sometimes called measures of central tendency because in one number they give you a good picture of what the overall data looks like – they represent what is typical about a data set. 

·         Explain that another common way to describe data is to think about how closely clustered or how spread far apart a data set is.

·         Today we are going to learn about the range, which tell us exactly that.

·         Practice chant with students – connect to the procedure.

·         The range says from border to border – to me that makes me think of the ends of the data or the smallest and largest numbers. 

·         Define minimum and maximum as 6th grade terms that we are going to use in place of minimum and maximum

·         Tell students the procedure for finding the range is to find the difference between the minimum and maximum

·         Model identifying the minimum and maximum values

·         Model finding the difference between the values

Guided Practice: (10mins)

·         Students will complete the problems on notes page / or on slate boards

·         Find the range and identify the minimum and maximum from a regular data set

·         Find the range and identify the minimum and maximum from a data set in a table


Independent Practice: (15 mins)

·         Students complete worksheet – teacher circulates to monitor understanding/practice – or pull a small group of students who struggled during the guided practice

·         Look for students that have troubles identifying the minimum or maximum values (or just choose the end numbers of a data set)

·         Look for students who invert the subtraction

·         Look for students who have difficulties with the language/vocab – answer the minimum or maximum for the range.


Closing: (8 mins)

·         Review the chant – explain how border to border explains the procedure for finding the range

·         Ask students how is the range the same as the mean, median and mode.  Ask how it is different

·         Exit Ticket  

Lesson Resources

CW Range  
HW Range  
Notes Range   Notes


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