Lesson: Subtraction with Regrouping

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Lesson Objective

Students will be able to determine whether regrouping will be necessary in a given subtraction problem.

Lesson Plan

Warm-up (5 min):

Subtraction WordSplash (Circle words that signal a subtraction problem)

Teacher Input (10 min):
State today's objective.  Direct students attention to the pre-made chart that has the following chant on it:

More on the top
No need to stop

More on the floor
Go next door and get ten ones more!

Read the chant aloud. 

Guided Practice (20 min):

Tell boys to read the chant aloud; then girls. 

Direct students attention to the following problem:
Problem: 57 - 29

Say: "Can 7 take away 9?" If I have 7 pencils could I give you 9 of them? Wait for a student to respond "No". Say then we have to regroup. To regroup I'm going to go up to my next door neighbor and say " Neighbor 5 will you please give me 1 number? Neighbor 5 say absolutely. Then I cross out the 5 and write a four. I put the number Neighbor 5 gave me, next to the 7.  Continue until 57-29 os solved.

Independent Practice (10 min):

In small groups, have students examine and determine if subtraction problems need regrouping. 

Closure (10 min): 

Direct students attention to pre-made 2 column chart that has the following headings: "Regroup" and "Don't Regroup".  Distribute post-its with subtraction problem written on it. Tell students to examine the problem to determine whether not you need to subtract to solve the problem.   Invite students whose subtraction problems need regrouping to post their problem on the chart under the correct headiing.  Repeat the process for those who have subtraction problems that does not need regrouping.  Discuss. 


Lesson Resources

IP Subtraction with Regrouping   Classwork
do now subtraction word splash   Starter / Do Now


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