Lesson: Ratio & Proportion Lesson 1

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Lesson Objective

SWBAT find the percent one number is of another.

Lesson Plan

Explore: Parts, Wholes, and Percents

-Remember that a ratio is a comparison of 2 numbers

-A proportion is  an equation with 2 equivalent ratios.

-A percent shows a number compared to 100. (aka a rate or ratio)


-Look at the following problem using ACTIVE READING

Once there was a boy named Sam. He loved donuts. Everyday he would search all over the city for donuts. One day he found 150 donuts. He gave 20% of his donuts to his dog.

-Comparing total donuts to those given to the dog.

-Percent is a locked in ratio because its always out of 100.

-Come up with labels then fill in what you know and solve together. May abbreviate units.

-Units must be the same on each ratio.


Solving Percent Problems with Proportions

-Percent problems always ask you to find part of something, the total, the percent.

-Guided: Use active reading to help students identify what is missing in the word problem as they fill in the proportion.

-Do next example together where percent is missing.


Independent Practice – Review first 3 on OHs.


Multiple Applications of Proportions

-Throw in some examples that are comparing a part of something to the total – like some they’ve seen in PS class. Do the first example together…then set up the next two, they go and solve, going on to independent practice.

Lesson Resources

20100325 - Use Prop w. Pcnts.PCKT.xls  


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