Lesson: Adding Whole Numbers

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Lesson Objective

Students will add multi-digit whole numbers numbers; review basic addition facts.

Lesson Plan

Do  Now (5 min):

Write the meaning of the words addend, sum, and multi-digit.

Opening (5 min):

Review basic facts using  for "snap math".   Ask 1+1 = (snap for student's to give the sum); repeat 20 times using various addend.

Direct Instruction (15 min):

  • State today's objective. Review the meaning of the words addend and sum, and multi-digit.  Model how to add 58 to 46.


  • Think aloud while solving the problem by saying: First, add the ones column first. Then, we take the 1 over to the tens column. The 1 that we carry over has a place value of 10. We'll put a 1 here in the tens place since that means that there is 1 ten.


  • Write the number 6,425 on the number on the whiteboard. Say the number.  Write 1,724    whiteboard. Write a plus sign between each number.


  • Restate the objective.


  • Explicitly tell students that "the best way to solve this problem is to stack digits on top of each other. I  will show you how to do this by using a grid.  Remind students that every digit has a place and every place has a value.  Point to the "O" on the grid, tell students that the O is the ones place.  Say " In the number 6,425, 5 is in the ones place so I will write that under "O".  In the number 1,724, "4" is in the ones place so I will write "4" under 5 in the ones place.   Point to the T on the grid.  Repeat the same process for the hundreds and thousands place.  Afterwards, go back to the ones place and add 5 + 4, repeat until sum of 8,149 is written on the grid.


  • Use grid paper to model how to solve.  Stack each digit in its appropriate place. Solve. 

Guided Practice (10 min):

Distribute Guided Practice for Adding Whole Numbers worksheet. 

Solicit student's help in solving 2,397+1,205.  

Ask for student's help in solving 15,490+1,349. 

Ask students why it is important to put numbers in their correct column or places.  Discuss.   

Independent Practice (10 min):

Solve six similar multi-digit addition problems.   

Closing (5 min):

Write the following multi-digit problem on the board  that is incorrectly solved (i.e. 4,507 + 3,006 = 6,512).  Ask students to 1. Solve the problem correctly; 2. Explain in which place(s) the mistake was made.  


Lesson Resources

Adding Whole Numbers IP   Activity
Adding Whole Numbers GP   Activity


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