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But now his mind was too worn out and tired to be swept along with her rhythm so easily. "Is something the matter Teddy?" she asked, her tone cheerful tone naive to any abnormality, her defencelessness made him smile reflexively. "H-hey honey, how did you get in?" She tilted her head, still smiling. "In? What do you mean 'In'?" He swallowed a nervous insurgence of saliva. Why was he shaking so much? Was he scared? There was no way a sweet girl like Cindy could, or would, do anything that would harm him! There was just no way... "Heh...I meant in here...how did you get i-in my apartment Cindy?" There was a long pause where nothing was said, Ralph didn't move from the hallway and Cindy's smile never wavered. After a few minutes of tense quiet Cindy seemed to finally understand what was being asked of her. Or perhaps she was simply playing dumb...no way, not sweet Cindy. "Silly Teddy" she giggled "I've been here all day, did you already forget?" "All...day?" "Of course! Don't you remember. Though I suppose you were in such a rush this morning." Did he let her stay? He remembered hurrying out the door in a panicked frenzy when he realized the time but...no. He could have sworn he let Cindy out of the apartment before leaving... Right? "Oh you were so frantic." She continued. "You left in such a hurry you didn't see me out, I would have left but you also forgot to lock the door behind you so I couldn't very well just leave the place like that." "I forgot?" Did he? He was sure he had to unlock the door to get in. Or did he only think he had to simply because it was an action he had always taken to this day and his muscle memory was now working against him? Ralph found himself growing increasingly frustrated. He should know this! Why didn't he know this?! It happened mere minutes ago! He kept replaying the moment of him inserting the key into the lock over and over again in his head but the more he thought about it, the more it felt like it happened on another day and the more he psyched himself out. Cindy for her part - never losing her calming smile - acted concerned. "You look tired Teddy, you must have had such a rough day at work." "Tired?" "It must have been so exhausting, you shouldn't have to think so hard after coming home from a hard day of work" "I...y-yeah but..." "Or...do you not believe me Ralphy?" For once Cindy's smile melted into pouted lips and her eyes turned moist and reflected a look of betrayed hurt. It ached just seeing such a pitiful expression. "Please tell me you believe me honey!" She wailed "I didn't do anything wrong! I didn't mean to hurt you, please believe me!" Her lips quivered and she looked like she could have broken down into tears at any moment. Ralph really did feel too tired to argue, to think, all he wanted was to bury himself in a soft mattress, bundled up nice and warm, isolated from his taxing life. Partly ushered by the guilt her expression drove into him and an eroded will brought about by his strenuous job, Ralph eventually sighed and nodded. "Yes" he muttered "Yes I believe you...honey" It took a full microsecond for his girlfriend to cancel her crocodile tears and with a delighted squeal she bounded towards him and wrapped him up in a powerful hug, holding him close to her chest and encasing his addled head in between her gargantuan breasts. They stood there for a while embraced in a vice that wouldn't relent, Ralph hung limp in her arms (learning from experience that it was better than wasting energy struggling in futility) clutched against her soft body, taking shallow breaths that were infected with the intoxicating taste of Cindy's aroused odour. As he was now, he felt he could drift away in her arms, like she was the softest pillow in the world, primed for him to sink deep into. He began to doze off as he felt her carry him effortlessly away, she spoke to him but it was like a lullaby to his weary self. "Did you know what I did while I waited for you to return?" Ralph mumbled in response, he heard the words but couldn't register the meaning. Or didn't want to. So tired... "All alone in an apartment that you live in? What do you think a girl like me did in the home of her beloved Teddy Bear?" Another mumbled response. "Oh silly, I snuck into your room of course. It was full of your scent you know? Maybe you couldn't sense it but it was so apparent to me. I've been sniffing around your bedsheets, your clothes, your laundry, everywhere! It was like a drug for me...And I need more!" He felt her fumble with a door for a second before leading him into another room and gently laying him down on his bed. She has never been this deliberate before - this slow - she was savouring the wait, barely holding back her lust as she let it build and consume her. "I even stopped myself from masturbating aalllll day, waiting for you to come home and now? Seeing you like this? So defenceless and adorable? It's turning me on like you wouldn't believe." She turned her back and began removing her dress while wriggling her hips sensually, plump thighs rippling gorgeously with each movement, her form outlined by the amber streetlight filtering in through the bedroom window bigtitstube.xxx . Once she shook off her clothes, revealing the naked body beneath, she turned to him with a look that spelled out pure carnality and advanced slowly towards him on all fours, letting her body drift as close to his as she could. The pressure of her breats pressed onto his chest, her flushed skin passing it's warmth onto him with a touch and her shaven pussy, trailing her aroused warmth up his thighs as she positioned it carefully over his dick. It was all so erotic even Ralph's overworked body couldn't help but feel attentive too. She stopped when her face was mere inches from his, where he could feel her ragged, humid breath in hazed puffs drive him deeper into her spell. "You know Ralphy..." she murmured softly "I feel that it might be time to take our relationship to the...next level" Now what was she talking about? "I was just thinking that if you let me move in then silly little accidents like this wouldn't happen again." "Cindy I-" Ralph started but was promptly cut off when Cindy's enormous mounds were crammed into his face. "Shhh...it's ok honey, I know you didn't mean to forget, but if I wasn't in then any crazy neighbour of yours could have just waltzed in and done whatever they pleased right?" She was right, it was silly of him to leave the door unlocked in the first place he was lucky to have such a loyal girlfriend take care of his mistakes. "And if I stay here I don't have to travel so far to come and see you every day wouldn't I?" It was unfair that she had to go through such hassle all the time, Ralph couldn't help but feel a pang of guilt when he thought that. He yawned into her body as his eyes grew heavy breathing in her addictive body odour. "While you're away at your work I can take care of this place, cook your welcome home meal...and help you relax when you get back..." He was too tired to think, he just wanted to doze off into her warm embrace but it was proving difficult to do so when her hands would play with his nipples and the warmth of her crotch pestered him to attention. He murmured absently in her chest, not really paying attention to what she said. It seemed to make her happy though. "Of course Teddy Bear, how about I give you a special teaser of what I can do for you after a tough day at the office..." She smiled and set to work not giving him a chance to rest throughout the late night. From that day on, Cindy practically lived with Ralph. Despite what should have felt like such a big change, their lives continued as if nothing had changed. Ralph would wake up to Cindy making breakfast, he'd leave for work, and come home. Only this time Cindy was waiting for him everytime he came home, with a warm meal, a welcome smile and a wet pussy that needily hungered for his presence every night. It was, on the surface, a blissful life and had he been a carefree person he might have considered it heaven. But Ralph saw warning signs that made him second guess this happy facade. Their bedroom antics were anything but quiet and there was more than just them in the apartment complex after all so it wasn't long after they started that Ralph saw many angry neighbours and noise complaints the following days. When he brought it up to Cindy, suggesting they go somewhere else instead she simply smiled and told him not to worry about it. The following days he noticed his neighbours were moving out of the complex one by one. He had initially thought they were being driven out but each of them seemed incredibly happy to leave. When he asked his land lady she frowned as if equally confused. "Well I saw Mr Turnbull a couple of days ago in a right chipper mood" she prattled on "a far cry from his usual sour self I'd say. When I asked him what's what he told me - do you know what he said? - He told me that he had recently come to a generous donation of over £10,000 all so long as he moved out of this here building. And I thought '£10,000?! Who would want to pay you £10,000 you cranky old fool?' and he said 'That's not my problem anymore!' and then he sort of...danced and laughed away. How could a fossil like him be so reckless? What if it was the work of some scanner that-" She would continue like that for a while, mentioning that many of the other neighbours had a similar story, it all seemed awfully convenient to Ralph that the neighbours who were giving him shit moments ago were now being paid to move out. "Won't this be bad for you miss?" he asked, cutting her off as she derailed herself to the certainly controversial topic of online shopping. "Oh heavens no petal! This isn't the only place I rent out you know, you got to make your money somehow right?" Ralph brought up this revelation to Cindy that night but all she said was "That just means we can be as raunchy as we want from now on right honey?" He also found her unnecessarily clingy, and it really showed on his days off. She would spend the entire day practically holding onto him, whenever they ate meals she would hold him in her lap like a child, she'd cuddle up with him whenever the TV was on and she was always waiting for him outside the door whenever he visited the toilet. On it's own it seemed innocent but when he planned to head out to the local bar she stopped him, whining and begging like a spoilt puppy. "Am I really that much of a bother to you?" she would mewl ceaselessly. "You're always away working most of the time, I just want to be with you whenever I get the chance, is that so wrong Teddy Bear?" "Cindy, I just want to hang out with my friends outside of work, please just let me go". But as usual, Ralph's input meant very little and it wasn't long before she was dragging him back to the living room in a crushing embrace, silencing his protestations by drowning him in wet kisses or smothering him in her sweet-scented body. "I'll show you that I can do things...*Smooch* that your friends *smack* wouldn't- NNNggghhh- wouldn't dare...try!" Her relentless molestation continued into the night and Ralph was rendered late for work the next morning. He thought he could try and sneak off after work but the next day after finishing up, she was there waiting outside the office building with that same innocent smile on her face. "What are you doing here?!" Ralph couldn't help but be taken aback by her presence, after all he knew for definite that he had never told her where he worked. "Why, I'm here to bring you home silly" she giggled ignorantly "why are you so shocked your girlfriend is such a thoughtful woman?" "Not that! How did you even know where I worked?!" She paused briefly, perhaps she was considering what to say, she must have known lying to him wouldn't work on him at this point. She briefly dropped her smile and sighed guiltily. "I'm sorry Teddy Bear...you see...I actually followed you a little while back. You never told me where you worked and I was getting worried so I wanted to see for myself. I'm sorry..." She pouted, but in a way that made it very ambiguous whether or not she actually thought she did something wrong or was just saying it to get out of trouble, like a child who was caught in the act. Ralph sighed, he had expected some lie that tied it all up as a coincidence or something he told her one night while drunk big boobs Cat Bangles sex movies . It made him really doubt his faith in her previously, about her being in the apartment being an error on his part or her finding his apartment in the first place being a matter of cosmic chance. Ultimately he was struggling to find what to make of her actions but at the same time was reluctant to really admonish her too. In the end he decided to head home with her and hopefully talk sense to her then. "Fine but we really need to talk about this understand?" She nodded, her face brightening once again with her radiant smile. "Ok. Guess I'll just call a taxi for both of-" "Actually sweetie" Cindy cut in, walking briskly to a nearby parked car. Ralph frowned, it was the only car nearby and had been painted a black so deep it blended into the dusk. He didn't think it belonged to her until she opened the rear door and beckoned for him to join her. He never even knew she drove, he had never seen her with a car before. "Well?" He stood there for a moment before hesitantly clambering in. It was far more spacious than any car he had been in before, more like a mini limo than anything. Ralph was briefly reminded of when he was a kid and how, when fastened into his mum's car, the inside felt so much bigger than it actually was. Though if it was a car Cindy drives it would have to be in order to accommodate her sheer mass. The world seemed to shift as she climbed in herself, closing the door behind her and sidling up to Ralph as close she could possibly manage in spite of the large empty space. Ralph frowned, wasn't she going to drive? Was she expecting some kind of quickie beforehand or something? "Well then, shall we?" she asked loudly as if speaking to someone other than Ralph. Her startled boyfriend jumped a bit when the engine started up all of a sudden and the vehicle began to move. He looked ahead to see who was driving them but the window separating the front and back of the car was so heavily tinted it was practically a jet black mirror. "Cindy, who's that in fro-AGH!" Ralph started questioning his largely mysterious girlfriend but lost his words when she fished her hand into the depths of his suit pants and fiddled with his cock. He felt her body press against him more as she leaned closer, panting heavily as if to fill the space with her musky breath. The sky blue dress she was wearing was beginning to slip and the teasing sight of her areolae hinted at the puffy nipples they ringed. "W-what the hell are you doing?!" He demanded, a rather fruitless question at this point but one he was practically conditioned to automatically with now. Cindy for her part just giggled softly again, as if drunk on her lust. "I already told you Ralphy. I've been a thoughtful girlfriend - such a goooood girl - worrying sick about you. I think I deserve a reward don't you?" Her hand rubbed his meaty shaft gently and slowly, edging the release out of him as patiently as possible. Any time Ralph's face twisted in pleasure Cindy's breathing seemed to grow heavier in response, as if simply watching him got her off. "Cindy...stop! We-we really need to talk about - MMMMPH!" His protestations were cut off by wet lips smothering him and the taste of her ragged breathe as it swam down his throat, her earnest tongue exploring his oral cavern and the feel of her juicy form eclipsing his own. He almost melted into her affections but he resisted, she was larger and stronger than him so any attempt to throw her off would result in failure, but he had to try, he had questions she needed to answer, things she needed to hear and she couldn't keep avoiding them by fucking him into submission. He managed to turn her head and break off from her kiss but any attempt to push her off only resulted in his hand sinking into her flesh and exciting her further. "Oh my, so feisty! I'm loving this rebellious side of you Tiger. But seeing you struggle so much only makes me want to pin you down and show you who's the real beast!" She began increasing her efforts and applying more strength in her attempts to smother her beloved under her. Straddling him in his seat now, he had no where to escape to and though he avoided her plush lips, he was simply pulled deep into her breasts to suffocate in her sweaty flesh. When he began to go limp in her arms she resuscitated him with a deep french kiss and held him tight in the bondage of her embrace. With that, Ralph's resistance effectively ended and he spent the rest of the drive in her thrall, melting under her assault. When they arrived at their destination, she half shoved, half carried him into the apartment building, marching him up the stairs and down the now vacant corridor leading to his apartment - all the neighbours surrounding him now moved out leaving no one to disturb or be disturbed by Cindy's ravenous love making. She threw him into the apartment and with all the strength gone from his legs, Ralph simply collapsed onto the floor. Cindy turned after locking the exit of their love nest with the look of a beast in heat and mounted her frightened lover, ready to bear down on him unrelentingly. "Now, time for my treat Tiger..." Ralph could only whimper in response. The following week, Cindy had grown aggressively clingier, more so than usual. She would make sure to be there waiting for Ralph everytime he finished work, driving him home and taking him as soon as they entered the premises. Unable to escape her even on his days off, Ralph felt utterly trapped by his girlfriend, like he had no will of his own. He could endure little more than another week of her suffocating adoration before he finally came to a decision. Finding the time to talk to Cindy however was tough, not because of work but because whenever he was back at the apartment, Cindy would throw him into the bedroom and play with him like a new toy on Christmas. It was the last Sunday of that month, when Ralph was off work once more, that he finally had the chance to talk to Cindy and get her to listen. He told her everything, how he felt when he met her and how he felt now, how honestly scared he was and how claustrophobic her love had become. He felt himself baring everything he had locked up during their relationship burst free like a broken dam and the look on her face...he'd never forget it. Seeing Cindy, who was always so full of energy and smiling, looking like an admonished child, standing in silent shock almost on the verge of tears seemed to tear into his soul. But he couldn't let up, he had to press on, make her understand what was going wrong. Why they couldn't continue. Eventually the flood abated and Ralph stood there, panting as if he had wrestled a bear and barely won. His legs were shaking, his arms trembled, pretty much the whole of his body jittered as adrenaline raced through his veins as his emotions warred in his head over his decision. After a long, haunting pause, Cindy finally moved - nodding - while sniffing back her tears and keeping a brave face. "I...I understand..." She burbled, the crack of her voice like a whip stinging Ralph's heart each time while he tried, perhaps even harder than his now-ex to keep a strong front.

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