Lesson: A Complete Guide To Write A Summary Essay

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Summary writing is an important assignment given to college students. Professors can ask to write a summary of the book chapter, article, journal, novel, or any scientific work. There are basically two types of summary writing; a reader summary and a summary essay. Students try to look for "paper writing service" to get professional help.

A reader summary is written for others and provides an overview of the original text. And the purpose of a summary wriitng is to provide an understanding of the source text to the readers without having them to read the entire writing. In this article, you will be going to find out a step by step guide to write a perfect summary essay. 


Step 1: Take time and thoroughly read the original text. When you read the text, try to understand the author’s writing style, tone and identify the main ideas. 


Step 2: Divide the text into several sections and create a rough outline. By breaking the text into several sections will make it easy for you to understand the meaning of the original text. After that read the sections one more time and highlight the key points. 


Step 3: After understanding each section of the source text. It is time to write down the main idea from each section to create a short overview. 


Step 4: Write down the introduction to briefly present the central idea of the original text. The introduction should mention the author’s name, the title of his/her work, and some background information of the author if it is required. 


Step 5: In the body paragraphs, state the ideas that you have highlighted while reading the text and creating the outline. Include all the important information at this point and avoid including the insignificant points.


Step 6: After summarizing the main ideas of the original text, a concluding paragraph should be added to provide a sense of completeness. 


One of the most important factors to keep in mind while writing the summary essay is its connection to the original text. Your interpretation of source text can easily mislead your reader or even twist the original meaning. So, it is important that your essay should serve as a substitute for the original text and should be about summarizing the original text not criticizing it. 


Following the above steps will definitely help you write a perfect summary essay otherwise you can also consider taking help from online write my essay services if you are unable to write a summary essay by yourself. 


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