Lesson: 5 Things to Know About Estate Loans

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Lesson Objective

When a loved one dies, heirs and trustees are often unable to gain immediate access to the funds they have been willed.

Lesson Plan

This is especially true if an estate goes into probate, but fortunately, they can apply for a hard money loan to cover their immediate expenses. North Coast Financial is one of the premier hard money lenders California, and if you are interested, here are five things you should know about estate loans. 


1. Estate Loans Are Often the Only Way to Finance Against an Estate


Often, estate loans from private money lenders San Diego are the only way to borrow against the value of an estate. Commercial banks and credit unions typically do not refinance inherited property, mainly because the property is not in the name of the heir yet.


2. Estate Loans Can Provide Funds During Probate

The probate process can be lengthy and complex, and the entire time the court is deciding what to do, heirs and administrators will not have any access to the funds they were promised. Probate can last anywhere from a few months or several years, but a probate funding them to borrow against the real estate within an estate until the end of probate.


3. Estate Loans Can be Used to Buy Out Other Beneficiaries


Estate loans can also be used to buy out other beneficiaries and divide estate interest with ease. If a beneficiary wishes to take full ownership of an estate, they can take out an estate loan and use the proceeds to buy out other beneficiaries. However, all beneficiaries must approve and agree on the actual value of the real estate within the estate.


 4. Immediate Expenses Can be Covered With Estate Loans


If an estate goes into probate, the heirs may need to take care of certain expenses, such as funeral costs, financial debts, attorney fees, and property taxes. These costs can quickly accumulate, but an estate loan allows heirs to borrow against the real estate within the estate to satisfy financial obligations. If approved for a loan, heirs will receive immediate access to their funds.


5. Estate Loans Are Typically Repaid in a Short Amount of Time


Unlike traditional loans, which can take years to pay off, estate loans are meant to be short-term. This means that borrowers are typically only required to make a few payments before refinancing.


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Hard money estate loans can help heirs obtain immediate funds with reasonable interest rates. Contact North Coast Financial for additional information.

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