Lesson: Rules for any blog writer for any times

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Lesson Objective

Below I will give recommendations on how to properly run your blog:

Lesson Plan

1. Decide on the topic. It is very important to give the blog a certain vector, of course, the online diary may not have a specific topic, but without this it will be more difficult to find like-minded people who are interested in the subject with the same things as the author. Choosing a topic, be aware of the fact that you have to write a lot and often, and here comes the reasonable question: will you get tired of this activity? In addition, a thematic blog will be read only if they see that the author understands what he is writing about. In any blog, it is desirable from time to time to publish personal posts from life in which to describe your plans, thoughts, ideas. This will give the project a personality and openness. Yes, and each of us do not mind to look like others live.

2. Find your distinguishing feature. Becoming a popular, popular and interesting blogger is quite difficult, since there are thousands of similar sites in almost any niche, so your task will stand out among them. Allocate time and in a relaxed atmosphere, reflect on how the reader will distinguish you. Find your feature. Perhaps this is the style of writing, the design of the text, the publication of unknown secrets on the topic. You can bribe readers, for example, if you are blogging about applications for iPad - publish promotional codes on any new posts with a discount on applications or write which applications will be free today.

communicate with normal people in your user experience


3. Fully disclose the topic of the post. Any information in the blog should be chewed. Try to write so that any newcomer will understand the proposed information. This is especially true of instructions, recommendations, or even ordinary recipes for cooking. Blogging about computer programs? Then be sure to take screenshots, and even better - record video. To get the article had the appearance of this manual. For example, I spent a few days writing my article “how to buy an essay online”, but, you see, it was worth it. Long write articles? No problem! Learn to type on the keyboard quickly.

4. Write regularly. A blog is an online project that does not require daily posting; however, regularity should be followed. It is necessary so that the regular reader knows when to go to the site in order to read something fresh and interesting. Another personal trick: sometimes make an extra infusion of posts beyond the usual date. Those who subscribe to updates will be surprised at such a suddenness and will definitely come in to read the publication. However, do not strip, otherwise interest will disappear. Complement such unexpected posts with “buns” for those who came first.

5. Communicate with readers, help them. For a blog, working with readers is of great importance, be an open person - leave your contacts, respond to letters and comments, try to help the person to the maximum. Such assistance will not be disregarded by anyone. Be kind and cheerful - it appeals to people. To increase the activity arrange contests, for example, on the most active commentator. Or ask to guess how many comments were left for a year by users. Prizes should be, if not monetary, then thematic resources.

6. Share your personal experience and give examples. Do not be like Wikipedia, general information is, of course, good, but the guest reads the blog. Supplement posts with personal opinion, experience, results, experiments. Suppose you run a beauty blog (a resource about beauty), and suggest applying some kind of face cream, you will only be listened to if you tell us about your experience of use, or even better demonstrate it. The results of personal tests and experiments - in general, a great addition to any article. Such posts are read in one breath and recommend to friends. So think about it!

7. Make your content diverse. The main content on the blog is, of course, articles, however, over time they tire, especially if you publish long manuals. Offer your readers an alternative. For example, write an article and record a video for it so that those who do not like to read can see the video in a graphic form. Sometimes publish posts that contain only photos. For example, a photo report of a visit to the museum of cosmonautics, where it is reasonable to place a bunch of photos and a minimum of text. This alternation will attract a large audience, and photographs or videos are often shared with friends. If you interview someone, do not be lazy to record a podcast, they are often listened to in cars when they are stuck in traffic, that is, this will again expand the audience.

8. People are more important than search engines. Of course, everyone would like their blog to become popular, and one of the ways is SEO (search engine optimization). However, optimization often causes damage to regular readers. This is expressed in different ways, for example, you have to publish articles on topics that are hardly interesting to a regular audience or change the style of writing.


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