Lesson: La descripción- descriptive writing

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Lesson Objective

SWBAT create detailed and descriptive writings and drawing about a specific object.

Lesson Plan

La descripción

  1. Hook - 5 minutes

To start this lesson I display the following image http://www.mainifrutta.com/images/frutta/pere.jpg

I pose the question ¿Qué fruta es? ¿Cómo es?

I give students a minute to think about their answer, and then tell them to turn to (“un compañero/a”) a partner and share their response. The goal here is to identify and describe the fruit in this case a pear using as many adjectives.


Finally, I ask one volunteer to share to the class. I solicit as many descriptive words. I tell the students that it is important to use as many sight description, scent description and touch description.

A list of adjectives will be created with on the board so that students can refer to it later.

The following guided questions will be asked to elicit detailed responses.

Por fuera:       ¿Qué color es?

                     ¿Es grande o pequeña?

   ¿es suave o áspero?

   ¿Tiene cáscara? ¿Es suave o dura?

Por dentro:    ¿Qué color es?

   ¿Es blanda o dura?

   ¿Es crujiente?

   ¿Tiene semillas?  ¿Es grandes o pequeñas?

   ¿Tiene pulpa?

El sabor:       ¿Es dulce, agria, o ácida?

2. Concept introduction- 10 minutes

I write La descripción on the board, distribute the ¿Cómo se come una guayaba? guided noteshttps://docs.google.com/document/d/1il_jHaziWV8i_T30U51sSk891IPxnqvUMcaCLa1ma6o/edit and present the following presentation that briefly explains how to describes a pear.

Por fuera:  

   ¿Qué color es?https://get.pxhere.com/photo/plant-fruit-food-produce-pear-pears-fruit-tree-a-single-piece-of-fruit-still-life-photography-1101646.jpg

¿Qué tamaño es? ¿Es grande, mediana

o pequeña?

   ¿es suave o áspera?

   ¿Tiene cáscara? ¿Es suave o dura?

Por dentro:

¿Qué color es?https://c1.staticflickr.com/5/4100/4900266558_8140df0b7e.jpg

¿Es blanda o dura?

¿Es crujiente?

¿Tiene semillas?  

¿Las semillas son grandes o pequeñas?

       ¿Tiene pulpa?https://www.publicdomainpictures.net/pictures/40000/velka/happy-little-boy-eats-strawberries.jpg

                    El sabor:

    ¿Es dulce, agria, o ácida?

Next, I will present a video that briefly describes how a pear taste. The video is very short, it is less than 2 minutes long. (1:16 )  


Guided notes are necessary to promote active engagement during the video. I also want students to take notes to be used as an example for independent writing.


Presentation (video) of guided notes

YouTube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MHckzPJuPKw

Guided notes


3. Practice - 5 minutes

After students learn how to use descriptive words (sight description, scent description and touch description), the following step is practice acquired vocabulary of descriptive words of how to describe a fruit. In order to do this, I present a video and have students continue using their guided notes.

The video has automatic stopping points to allow students to follow along and take information.

4. In small groups / partners - 15 minutes

Once the students understand how to use descriptive words to describe a fruit, the next step is to read ¿Cómo se come una guayaba? by Esmeralda Santiago. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1eCq0NQLxNvVE8H1oYVzHpawf47kcndlRVHuWdr5n3qE/edit

During Reading

At this time, students have the opportunity to practice what they just learned while still having another person to collaborate with a scanning exercise to fill in the information on the guided notes, listing adjectives given form the reading that describe the guayaba.

Lee ¿Cómo se come una guayaba? por Esmeralda Santiago

Describe la guayaba según la lectura


Color y tamaño





Then they will write the steps for eating a guayaba told by the narrator.

Luego, describe los pasos de cómo comer una guayaba







Post reading

Students will share their responses with the class, I will fill in the various responses on the SmartBoard. I will point out parts in the text that led them to their answers. I will emphasize noun/adjectives agreement.

5. Closure - 5 minutes

To bring this lesson to a close, I ask the students to write a post-it note in response to the following:

What is your favorite fruit?

Describe your favorite fruit

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