Lesson: Knowing Yourself as a Reader

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Lesson Objective

Students will think about distractions they face while reading and come up with solutions to these problems. Students will also complete a reading survey to get to know themselves as readers.

Lesson Plan

Connection (3-5 mins): Readers, we have learned that it is important to know yourself as a reader because it helps us choose books and reading partners.  The more I know about myself, the more comfortable I am with challenging myself to read a book above my level.   Today, we will take a survey to find out more about ourselves as readers.


Teach (10-12 mins): Students should be seated on the carpet with a partner.  They will be expected to turn and talk to this partner throughout the lesson.  Today, I will show you how I think about myself as a reader to fill out the reading survey.  Once I explain myself as a reader, you will be able to fill out the survey on your own.


Teacher places survey on the overhead.  Oh my gosh! I remember my most recent favorite book.  I read “The Skin I’m In” by Sharon Flake and I loved it.  I couldn’t put it down and even stayed up really late one night to finish the chapter I was reading.  On the other hand I abandoned a book last week because I was not interested at all.  I began reading the first book of the Harry Potter series because my friend recommended the book.  I really tried to get interested in the book and read a few chapters but the author wrote so many descriptions of characters and the setting I could not get interested in the plot. 


Did you notice how I took the time to really think and talk through the questions instead of just writing down the first book that came to mind.  I had to think about the reasons why I loved a book or abandoned a book as well.  It is important to take your time with this survey and really think about the questions. 


I am going to move on to question three.  As I fill in my favorite genre, series, and author turn and tell your partner the answers to this question.  Students turn and talk while teacher fills in her own survey.  Teacher calls on a few students to share their responses and justify their answers. 


Teacher continues to model answering the survey questions and guide student dialogue around the answers to questions.  The survey is long and it’s up to the individual teacher how many questions or what questions should be modeled.  I do not model the entire survey but try to select questions students may struggle with to model.


I think we have covered enough of the questions for you to try the survey on your own.  Remember, we want to know ourselves as readers so we can grow in our comprehension and reading stamina.  Once workshop time is over, you will be asked to find a partner that is similar to you.  Make sure you take your time and work hard to complete the survey by the end of workshop time.  Off you go readers.


Active Engagement (15-20 mins): Students return to their seats.  Teacher should circulate during time or pull a small group of students. Students will complete the reading survey at their seats independently.  They will be asked to share at the end of workshop time. 


Exit Slip/Share (3-5 mins): Students are given time to share something they learned about themselves while taking the survey.  As a culminating activity, students are asked to walk around the room to find one student that has something in common with them as a reader.  They will be carpet partners for the reader’s workshop lessons for the next lesson.


Reflection: I really like this lesson because it gives students a chance to find similarities with other students that they may not generally work with in class.  I allow my students to select their own partners for the teach portion of the lesson.  However, this activity allows them to talk with other students that are similar readers and forces them to have a different partner for at least one day.

Lesson Resources

Who am I as a Reader Survey.doc  


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