Lesson: Multiplication Facts x0/x1

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Lesson Objective

Students will memorize their x0/x1 multiplication facts.

Lesson Plan

Teaching Multiplication Facts

Objective: Students will memorize their multiplication facts and/or connect multiplication with repeated addition

Materials: flashcards, scissors, fact power packet, fact power quizzes, pencils, timer

Intro: Begin by explaining that multiplication is when you have a certain number of groups that all have the same value. Instead of saying 5+5+5=15, we can say we have 3 groups of 5 or 3x5=15. Make sure their understanding of repeated addition is strong prior to beginning their multiplication facts.  They can also use any “count-bys” that they know.

Guided Practice: For each level, have kids cut out their flashcards. On the back of each flashcard, they will write their answer. They can also show proof of their answer in the form of a repeated addition, an array or a picture. Go through the facts you are focusing on with them, but as they get to higher levels, encourage them to be more independent during this time. A few specific notes:

Level x1, x2, x5, x10- These are all levels where it will be easy to connect to “count-bys”, i.e. 2, 4, 6, 8

Level x1- connect this to the identity property of multiplication. If they haven’t learned it, briefly introduce it here. Any number multiplied by 1 (1 group of 9 OR 9 groups of 1) will keep its identity, i.e. stay the same.

Level x2, x4, x8 and x3, x6, x9- Use the lower levels to help with the higher levels. This will reinforce the idea of factors and multiples.

Level x9- Some student may be more successful with counting by 10s and then subtracting 1 for each count-by they did, i.e., 10x5-(1x5)=9x5 or 10x7-(1x7)=9x7. Also, they can check that their product is correct by adding the digits of their product. The sum of the digits of any multiple of 9 is 9, ex. 27, 2+7=9; 117, 1+1+7=9; 25 is not because 2+5=7

Once they have completed their flashcards for that level, they can quiz each other.

Independent Practice: Students each get a Fact Power packet containing 4-6 fact power pages. Set a timer for 60sec and have them do one page. If they finish early, they may check their work and fix any mistakes. After 1 minute is up, have them check over their work and fix any mistakes. They should write how many they got correct out of 30 on the top of the page. The goal is that they get all the facts correct and identify facts that they find especially challenging. Continue this process until the packet is done.

Assessment: Each student who showed mastery, or close to mastery, on their practice packet gets on more timed fact power page to complete as a quiz. Students who get 3 perfect quizzes in a row will have the opportunity to move on to the next level or tutor students who are struggling. Students who did not show mastery use their packet to identify facts they struggle with.  These students can use their flashcards, pictures, repeated addition, mnemonics, and other strategies to help them learn these facts.


Lesson Resources

x0, x1 Set D.docx  
Level 1 - x0, x1 Flashcards.docx  
x0, x1 Set A.docx  
x0, x1 Set B.docx  
x0, x1 Set C.docx  
x0, x1 Set E.docx  
x0, x1 Set F.docx  
x0, x1 Set G.docx  


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