Lesson: Ted Eischeid -- Lifeboat Earth, a Global Perspective

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Lesson Objective

8th Grade/STEM: This series of lessons provides students an opportunity to consider resource use and the implications of such use from a personal and global perspective. In a global economy within the context of expanding human population, the way we compete for, use, and dispose of resources is of paramount importance in building a sustainable future for the human species. This series of lessons is designed to help students consider the following within a global context: 1. How do we, and others, use resources? 2. What are the implications of our resource use? 3. How should I use resources? Everyone uses resources, but few understand the implications of their resource use. This series of lessons allows students to consider this, and develop a personal perspective what how they would like to use resources in the context of an every growing, global society.

Lesson Plan

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