Lesson: Ted Eischeid -- Lifeboat Earth, a Global Perspective

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Lesson Objective

8th Grade/STEM: This series of lessons provides students an opportunity to consider resource use and the implications of such use from a personal and global perspective. In a global economy within the context of expanding human population, the way we compete for, use, and dispose of resources is of paramount importance in building a sustainable future for the human species. This series of lessons is designed to help students consider the following within a global context: 1. How do we, and others, use resources? 2. What are the implications of our resource use? 3. How should I use resources? Everyone uses resources, but few understand the implications of their resource use. This series of lessons allows students to consider this, and develop a personal perspective what how they would like to use resources in the context of an every growing, global society.

Lesson Plan

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Lesson Resources

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Ted Eischeid Posted 3 years ago:

Thank you, Deborah, for the positive feedback. Indeed, I teach at one of three middle schools in my town, and my teaching partner at one of them is going to do this unit at her school, as I am at mine. We Skype weekly so there is regular communication about this and other teaching activities. I am looking forward to tweaking the project based on what we learn doing the pilot administration. Regards. TE

Deborah Cunningham Posted 3 years ago:

Ted, this is a remarkable sequence of lessons that interweaves astonishing resources of many kinds with laws of ecology, works of art, and a rich variety of action projects from which students may choose.  Quite an incredible feat!  It’s hard to imagine that a student would emerge from a curriculum this powerful without a shift in his or her thinking.  You have given a tremendous amount of thought to what kinds of activities will develop students’ understanding and knowledge, and also to how to establish the subject’s relevance to their own lives and choices. What you have found and developed to support these goals is truly impressive, and you’ve sequenced the activities and prepared students to build their own competencies in an expert way. 

While the lessons themselves are models of global teaching, the three appendices provide a tremendous amount of support for additional activities, right down to note-sheets that may be used with students. Due to the thoroughness and clarity of this curriculum, it is easy to imagine how another teacher could follow and use it with confidence.   I hope it will be widely shared.



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