Lesson: Lesson 5: Sharing

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Lesson Objective

Students will teach their peers about landmarks in China and the United States.

Lesson Plan

Sharing with others:

Students will share their projects with each other using our class Promethean Board.  Each student will present a short 2 to 3 minute presentation.  

While listening, each student will record one fact from each presentation. Students will set up a google doc to record their notes.  

Note to teacher: A mini-lesson on how to use the promethean board may be needed here.  Any interactive smart board can be substituted for a promethean board.  A mini-lesson on taking effective notes may be needed here.

Assessment: While listening to student presentations, the teacher will use the provided rubrics to assess student performance on this task.  The teacher will also provide further feedback to students during this time.  This can be done directly in the comment section of the google presentation.

Finally, students will choose three presentations to comment on at the end of the presentations. Students will use the comment tool using google chromebooks.  

Note to teacher: A mini-lesson on effective feedback may need to be taught at this point.


Lesson Resources

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