Lesson: Lesson 3: Focused Research on National Landmarks

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Lesson Objective

Students will select one national landmark from each country. Students will research those national landmarks while recording research in a personalized note taker.

Lesson Plan

Focused Research:

Raising Questions - Students will raise questions for further research. Students will research deeply one United States National Landmark and one Chinese National Landmark.  

Note to Teacher: The teacher may use the google presentation format as a guiding tool when raising questions.  The teacher may also want to keep record of student driven questions for further investigation.

As a result of research, students will create a Google presentation, using classroom google chromebooks, that includes the following requirements:

Google Presentation Requirements:

Clear restating of your research question

Geographic Location on a world map

Key facts about each national landmark

Similarities and Differences between the two landmarks

Citations of your research

Further questions for investigation: What would you like to know more about as a result of your research?

How does this new learning impact me and my world?

Note to Teacher:  This is a multi-day research time.  Students will research in class, in our school library, and at home.  For correct citation format, please see the rubrics in the resources section.


Lesson Resources

Performance Task for National Landmarks.doc  


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