Lesson: Lesson 2: Making Sense of Exploration

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Lesson Objective

Students will create a comparison chart based upon their early exploration. Students will reflect independently, and work in teams, to complete and share their learning with others.

Lesson Plan

Upon completion of note taking, students will synthesize their research by completing a venn diagram.  Use this template:



Students will complete this venn diagram by working with other students utilizing their notes while discussing their research.  The purpose of the venn diagram is to assist students in comparing and contrasting national landmarks of the United States and China.


Sharing - Student groups will share their ideas with the entire class via document camera.  While sharing, the teacher will create a class venn diagram that can be shared with other students.

Independent Reflection/Homework:  Students will choose two landmarks, one United States and one China, to compare and contrast in a well written summary that introduces, compares, contrasts and concludes the summary.

Prior to focused research, the teacher may need to teach focus lessons based upon formative assessment.  Possible topics may include note taking while reading informational texts, keeping an organized notebook, raising effective research questions (see next section)


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