Lesson: Monopoly: Oakland

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Lesson Objective

Students will understand systemic economic inequities and the concentration of wealth in the context of privatized, capitalized economies. They will contrast this with class equality and/or public ownership. (Yes, this is a pinko-commie game if you want it to be, or it is just a model of why there are kinks in the "American Dream," you take it as far as you like.)

Lesson Plan

I made this game by altering a Children's Monopoly board. I hope that suffices as giving credit. Please give credit when you use this game, as it took me a long time to make and I am very proud of it. As I implement it, I may post edits or variations for different groups of students. You can use all levels of math skills in this game by editing the Work Deck and by asking for more or less complex analysis of wealth distribution and property appreciation. 
Materials Needed:
Colored manipulatives for each player (not included, recommend blocks, chips or small paper squares)
Instructions, go over with class, suggest they take notes of what applies to them for full, complicated version (included)
Accounting Sheets- copy one for each player in each game (included)
Work Deck - use a Microsoft Word table and write your own questions to review other skills (my version included)
Game Board (Ledger and 8x11, shortened copies included, tape sides together to make boards)
Best played in groups of 4
Best when modeled as teacher vs. class for a round or two first, then students play (You may want to make an overhead copy.)
Debrief Questions:
Ask students what was easy and hard, math-wise
Ask students who won and how
Did it matter how you started out?
What advantages did Tycoons have over Hard Workers? Did these advantages lead to other advantages?
What could hard workers do to try to catch up to Tycoons?
(Write responses on board, go back through each aspect and discuss how each aspect mirrors our real life in Oakland/the U.S.)

Lesson Resources

Monopoly Instructions  
Monopoly Small Game2  
Monopoly Ledger Size  
Monopoly Ledger Size2  
Monopoly Small Game  


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