Lesson: Day 4: Analyze 'A Statement by the Powhatan Renape Nation regarding Disney’s Pocahontas'

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Lesson Objective

Compare the end of Pocahontas to “A Statement by the Powhatan Renape Nation regarding Disney’s Pocahontas.” Analyze how the purposes of these two texts affect the rhetorical techniques used and the details included in the stories told.

Lesson Plan


Students will watch the last ten minutes of Pocahontas.  As they watch, students will write down all the morals/messages/themes that Disney is conveying.


Then students will write individually for five minutes: “Is this movie a good movie in your opinion? Explain your reasons.  Feel free to answer yes-but-no.”


We will list all “purpose”/messages of the movie on the board & hear several positive student responses.


Practice Part II:

As a class, we will read “Statement by the Powahatan Nation.”  A few moments for discussion: NOW what do you think about Disney’s movie?


We will list difference between Smith’s account, Disney’s account, and Chief Roy’s account in columns on the board.


In pairs, students will record the Subject, Audience, Speaker, Context, Purpose of the statement (on worksheet at the bottom of the text.)


They will then attempt to answer the AP-Style questions WITHOUT answer choices.  We will review them as a class.


Assessment of Learning: Individually, students then respond to the AP-Style reading questions WITH answer choices, using their notes from their work in pairs. 

Lesson Resources

A Statement by the Powhatan Renape Nation regarding Disney s Pocahontas  


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