Lesson: Goods and Services

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Lesson Objective

SWBAT classify products into goods and services

Lesson Plan

Teacher: G. Newman

Date:  Day 3

Subject: Social Studies

Class:  3rd Grade


SWBAT classify products into goods and services



1.     Classify 3 pictures

Visual Anchor


Vocab & Modeling Picture



Reading w/ MC questions

1)    Quick Questions  

Matching vocabulary; opportunity cost; economic choice

2) Hook

Look at the shoes you are wearing. Look at the shirt you are wearing. Think about the food you ate for breakfast. Think about the tv you watched last night. Think about the last time you went to the doctor. Think about the job your parent or guardian has. Think about the job you want to have.

3) Students go over the AIMS

4) Mini-Lesson / Modeling (“I” or “I/We”) 5-15 minutes


Today we are talking about PRODUCTS. Products are all goods and services that are produced (see the word product). What is a good or service? Glad you asked.


A good is something people make or grow, then sell. Who can think of a good? (clothes, food, electronics)

A service is a job people do for another. Who can think of service jobs? (teachers, firefighters, doctors)


So together, any good or service is a product, it is something produced, what someone makes or does at their job.


Our job in class today is to classify or sort different products into either goods or services. It is important to distinguish the difference to think about the responsibilities, challenges and joys of a job while we talk about communities and work.


Sometimes, things will be just a good (like a carrot, or a television). Sometimes, things are just services (like a doctor or repairman)


Looking at this picture, I see a young girl, getting on a bus, with a bus driver in the driver’s seat. What job is this showing me? The job of a bus driver! Now, I need to think to myself, in this job, as a bus driver, am I making or growing something to sell? No. Am I doing a service for someone. Yes! My job is to provide the service of driving kids to school. I know this is a service.  


So I can ask you scholars, what type of product is the job of a bus driver? (a service)

5) Guided Practice (“We”) 5-20 minutes


Let’s go through the next page together. You see 9 pictures each displaying a job. Our task is to figure if the job shown is a service, good or both.


Ask yourself




Check: ask yourself.

6) Check for Understanding


#9 as CFU. Hands on nose for service. Hands on ears for Goods.



7) Independent (or pair / small group) Practice (“You”):


You will have 10 minutes to complete this page. It is the same activity, requiring you to look at a picture, figure out what the job is, and ask yourself….ask yourself what? Who can remind me? (do you make or grow something to sell or provide a service for someone). Then circle your answer.


If you finish early there is a list of things to complete. Therefore, everybody is working throughout the 10 minutes.


Who can explain what we are going to do?


9) Go over the night’s HOMEWORK assignment (on the board):  30 seconds – 2 minutes

10) Exit Slip / Final Assessment of FIRM MASTERY of the Aim:  1-5 minutes

Lesson Reflection

What percentage of students mastered the aims: _____

Did at least 85% of students master the aim? If not, why not? What are the common errors students are making?










Did students get enough successful “at bats” … Were there at least 15 minutes of successful independent practice? If not, how could you have structured the class to get more successful practice?

How will I need to change my lesson plans for tomorrow (and beyond) based on today’s lesson? What could I have done differently to get a higher % of mastery or more successful practice?




Lesson Resources

G3 Unit6 Economics Day 3 Goods and Services  


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