Lesson: College Road Trip and Biome Investigation

David Kujawski Bird Middle East Walpole, MA
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Lesson Objective

YWBAT: Collect and analyze climate and geographical data to determine the biomes of your 3 favorite colleges or universities.

Lesson Plan

I've updated this activitiy to include 2 options: option 1 is more of an in depth project activity while option 2 is more of an in-class investigation/notetaking activity. 
Option 1:It's never too soon to get kids thinking about where they want to go to college.  This lesson introduces students to the factors that determine the characteristics of various biomes, such as latitude, geographical features, average annual precipitation and temperature.

Time: one class period or can be adapted into a project

Place: Computer lab

DO NOW: Go to http://www.univsource.com/region.htm 
and choose 3 colleges or universities that you'd like to attend.  One should be on the east coast, one in the central part of the country and one on the west coast.

Remainder of class: Students should use the internet to research answers to questions on the worksheet.

The next day: You should review what biomes are and discuss their characteristics. 
Extension possibility: have students create a road trip journal, presentation, etc. and count it as a project grade. This can be a culminating/summative activity or used as a way to introduce biomes in a more engaging manner.
Option 2: I upload the instructions to our server.  Once students arrive at the computer lab, they open the folderm read the instructions and get to work.
They may need 2 days to complete the assignment for option 2.

Lesson Resources

College Road Trip and Biomes investigation  
Option 2 College road trip Instructions.doc   Activity
Option 2 College road trip note sheet.doc   Assessment


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