Lesson: Lesson 8: The Gospel of Luke

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Lesson Objective

Investigate the people groups that Luke was targeting in his writings Provide experiences that will allow students to understand that Luke is the Universal Gospel Students will collaborate as a team to create a skit of biblical stories.

Lesson Plan

Student Blogs:

Blog question on board:  

What is the difference between having a childlike faith and acting childish?
Mini Lesson:
Luke Review--
1.  Luke's gospel is known as the Universal  Gospel
2.  T or F  Luke's profession before following the apostles was a doctor
3.  Luke's audience was limited to who?  No one, it was open to all
If you understood and knew the answers to this question, give me a thumbs up, if not a thumbs down, if you have questions about this Luke Mini Lesson, wave your hands in the air.  
Devo: Heaven is For Real--> Prologue
Lesson: Luke pt. 2
Students will be divided up into 5 groups.  Each group will be given a card with a scripture.  They will have 10-15 min to create their skit.  
All students will perform their skit.
As students watch their peers perform, they must write down on a half sheet of paper their name.  The Scripture of the acting group, and which group Luke is writing to.  This is the exit ticket.
Before they are dismissed to give their ticket ask the same questions from previous class to see how their learning is going. 

Lesson Resources

Luke pt. 2 Skits.pptx  


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