Lesson: Welcome Scientists!

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Lesson Objective

SWBAT Define efficiency and explain how rules and procedures lead to efficiency.

Lesson Plan



Teacher: Ms. Andrea Ricaurte

Subject: 6th Grade Science


Aims: Does the AIM align with the Essentials of Great Instruction? How does this AIM connect to the one preceding it and the one following it?  (Is there a clear sequential, scaffolded connection?)

SWBAT Define efficiency and explain how rules and procedures lead to efficiency.

SWBAT Summarize topics covered in 6th grade science and our learning goals for all those topics.

Assessment(s): Do assessments provide measurable evidence of students’ mastery of objectives?  How can I assess both content and skill? (if applicable)

Key Questions (Check for Understanding)

Exit Tickets, End of Class follow-up

  • Can someone repeat this student’s favorite movie/food/subject?

  • What is a noun? What is an adjective?

  • Give an example of how you can be more efficient when getting ready for a day at school.

  • How can rules and procedures lead to efficiency?

  • Cold calling: review procedures

  • Pick one procedure and explain why this procedure leads to efficiency.


  • What does efficiency mean?

  • How will we work as a team to make our classroom as efficient as possible?

  • Can somebody summarize what we will learn about in science class this year?

Key Ideas: What 3-5 key ideas or steps will I emphasize? Are there certain skills I want to emphasize?

Potential Misunderstandings: What might students misunderstand or struggle with?

  •  We have rigorous learning goals for this 6th grade science class

  • Classroom rules and procedures help reinforce those learning goals by increasing efficiency.


  •  Efficiency is a noun that means performing in the best possible manner with the least waste of time and effort.

  • Efficient is the adjective that describes a person working with efficiency.

Vocabulary: What key words/definitions will students learn in this lesson? Is there any key academic or subject-specific vocabulary that I should intentionally address?


·         Efficiency (noun)

·         Efficient (adjective)

·         Re-write class notes in science journals.




Agenda: How will you display the agenda during class?



Description of Instruction—Include detailed explanations

Needed Materials



QQ: As students enter classroom, they will be directed to their assigned seats by finding the desk with their names.


Please silently work on the Quick Questions. When you are finished put your pencils down. Go.


Name cards


Personal information sheet.




ð       Teacher introduction

ð       Student introductions: Remind students there is one speaker at a time, and talking out of turn would be a deduction.

ð       Materials on the desk: Name tent, pencil, worksheet. Backpacks are placed on the back of chairs.

ð       HW will go at the top right corner. Since we don’t have HW from yesterday, let’s practice by putting your index card at the top right corner of your desk.

ð       What time is it?

ð       AIM #1






ð       Definition of efficiency (guided notes and examples)

ð       Efficiency vs. efficient

ð       Spelling Efficiency (slowly, then chunking letters)

ð       Connection: How can rules and procedures lead to efficiency?


Guided Notes sheet

8: 03


Rules- Think-pair-share

ð       Have students write for 2 minutes a list of rules for the classroom.

ð       Share for 1 minute with a partner.

ð       Raise hands to share ideas, make list on board.

ð       Finalize list of classroom rules on poster paper

ð       *Discuss kindness: what is more important, being smart or being kind?

ð       *Disruptive noises, staying on task.

Chart paper for rules




1.      Hands – 100% participation. Wiggling fingers means please call on me! Fist in the air means I have no idea.

2.      Traffic- remain in your seats at all times. When you enter and exit, please walk down the center aisle only.

3.      Passing papers to the center quickly- place your paper directly on top of the paper below, make sure they are facing the same direction.

4.      Bathroom – raise hand and point to the door. I will either tell you to wait a minute or go ahead.

5.      Hot calling- stand behind your chairs with hands at your side.

Papers to practice passing.





Efficiency and SD system/Learning goals.

Efficiency means performing in the best possible manner with the least waste of time and effort.

ð       What are ways students can hurt the efficiency of a classroom?

The SD system is another way to increase efficiency. If you are given a deduction, it is not a personal thing, it is meant to keep you efficient and on track. You will also be rewarded for behavior that increases efficiency.


In the end, we want to be efficient so we can reach our learning goals.

ð       Introduce learning goals

Poster of learning goals.



What time is it?

ð       Aim #2

ð       Each student has an index card with a number and enduring understanding. These are the things we learn about and the skills we will develop this year in science.

ð       When I say go, you will silently get out of your seats and line up from 1-24. This is silent and quick. Please keep your hands to yourself. GO!

ð       Give each student one minute to look over their card. If you find a tricky vocabulary word, put your finger on that word and I will tell you how to pronounce it.

ð       Everyone reads their index card.

ð       Take seats.

ð       Distribute checklist of learning goals and curriculum.





Science Journals

ð       Distribute science journals. Have students write their names on the cover.

ð       Have students use glue sticks to paste the checklist on the inside cover.

ð       Have students write the date in the top right corner of page 1.

ð       Have students write the title EFFICIENCY in the middle at the top.

Science Journals



HW Show students the homework assignment at the bottom of their guided notes. They will answer the homework prompt on page 1 of their science journals.

1.      What does efficiency mean?

2.      Choose 3 procedures we practiced in class and explain how each one will increase efficiency in science class. 

3.      List the classroom rules.




Dismissal- Students will practice the procedure for dismissal.




Official end time (4 minutes permitting for flex in LP)



Lesson Resources

9 02 LP1 01   Culture and Systems


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