Lesson: 12. Decimal Place Names and Values

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Lesson Objective

SWBAT roll their 11s. SWBAT name decimal places and values. Homework is enVision Math HW 1-3

Lesson Plan


WEDNESDAY – 09/07/11

Objectives (What will students know, understand, or be able to do?  (A-10))

SWBAT: Rolls their 11s


SWBAT name decimal places and values.



Do Now

What does it mean to have $45.21?

Hook (How will you invest students in this lesson?)

Talk about buying a $4.30 item with a $5 bill.

Mini Lesson

SW learn the 11s pattern and chant.


SW complete notes on decimal places.



Independent Practice (How will we coordinate student practice so that all students master the objective? (A-15))

Textbook pg. 10-11 #1-26



Conclusion (How will students summarize their learning and making connections to previous and future learning?)

SW fill in a bingo board with three digit decimals.


Facts will be read and their decimals will be covered if it matches the fact.

Assessment (How will we measure if students have achieved these objectives? (A-20))

Exit ticket (What is the place name of the 7 in 0.971)




Bingo Boards



Materials Needed


11s pattern instructions

11s chant copies and video


Decimal place names and values notes and PPT



Life Lessons(If any)

Decimals represent less than one whole.

Key Questions(check for understanding)


How are decimal place names different than whole number places?


  1. Place value HW #9

Students with different needs (How are we adjusting the lesson so that all students are learning as much as possible? (A-11))

PowerPoint slide notes will be printed out for those that may have problems taking notes.


Students can work with smaller numbers.


Students can get help from a partner.

Lesson Resources

Day 12. Decimal Place Value.doc  


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