Lesson: Integer Increment

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Lesson Objective

Get students to apply integer knowledge of integers regularly when problems arise.

Lesson Plan

 I spent a month teaching integer addition and subtraction. Students passed the tests, and they all can explain the concepts when prompted, but they aren't regularly applying what they know when they encounter integers in other contexts.We have reviewed, we have highlighted integers when they arise, I have even had students teach review lessons on this skill. However, I am still frustrated with careless inaccuracies.

As an attempt to make correct integer calculation more automatic, I am trying this intervention. I am printing out 1/3 sheets of paper at the beginning of each class and giving students about 5 minutes to work on them. I will be circulating with the correct answers. When students finish working, I will immediately mark each of their 3 answers correct or incorrect. They will then chart this on the personal chart in their binder. 

My goal is for them to realize whether their preferred strategies are working and to see improvement from adopting more practical strategies. I feel they can not earn good grades in Algebra if they make constant mistakes with integers. 

I will report back with statistics.

Lesson Resources

Integer IncrementCHART   Starter / Do Now
Integer Increment   Assessment


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