Lesson: War Comes to Willy Freeman - Chapter 9: Inference

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Lesson Objective

1. Analyze chapter 9 for plot, conflict, characterization and inference

Lesson Plan

Do Now:

- Students must analyze the pictures and answer the questions below.

-Share out answers and track common themes.


I Do:

- Explain to students what an inference is.  It starts with looking at "evidence" (which can be a situation, a conflict, a character) and making a prediction or educated guess about something.  

- Review the three steps to making an inference:

  1.      Read the text
  2.      Understand the information that is directly stated
  3.      Then ask, what else can I infer based on this information?
    1. Make reasonable predictions, then test and revise those predictions as you read further
    2. Create interpretations of text that are adapted as you continue to read
    3. Use the combination of background knowledge and explicitly stated information from the text to draw conclusions  

 - With students, look at the primary source picture and answer the questions about inference.

- Share answers and track common themes.


We Do:

- Now students begin to ACTIVELY READ the chapter while answering questions focused mainly on inference.  Make sure to explain that students need to pay careful attention to the evidence in the text.



- Students are given back their character analysis writing drafts with teacher corrections.  Teacher spends a few minutes discussing some positive noticings and some common mistakes.  Students must revise their writing for homework.


What went well?

Students like to make predictions about characters, conflicts, and events.  


What would you change?

Students need more examples of inference and practice with it to hone skill.


What needs explanation?

Students need to make sure that their inference is based on evidence they gather within the text.


Lesson Resources



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